1. ooooooh i love their lil' legs! this is so creative & fun! amaaazing job! love the title made me smile!!

  2. okay WOW this caught my eye & i love every detail in this! the saliva is a nice touch. i also love the floating hands; reminds me of playing Rayman as a kid!!!

  3. I think it might just be a combo of the two. There should be a stamp on the bottom if its older saying where its made.

  4. there is indeed a stamp/makers mark but unfortunately i cannot figure out how to attach the photo?? is there a way to update my post so i can include the stamp on the bottom? (sorry i'm really not versed in posting on reddit)

  5. Yes there is but i'm not sure how to attach it??? (i know absolutely nothing about posting on reddit & i cant figure out how to attach or add updates? halp? )

  6. Bronco Bill (Outlaw during the closing days of the Old West, best known for the legend of his "lost treasure")

  7. Have you explored the possibility of not being dead inside; but in fact, just being a neurodiverse person trying to operate in a commonly neurotypical society?

  8. WOW it’s so lovely!!!! did you use a photo for reference or is this from your mind?! wow like everything about this is so interesting. the hair, even though it’s not finely detailed, is incredibly accurate in terms of movement & shape & looks like hair even when the details aren’t in it...which i find is honestly so hard to do because a lot of times when hair is more block colored like you’ve got it it looks too 2D...but yours somehow still looks pretty 3D even though the shading is different & darker than the rest of the picture. idk how you did that but it makes my art feels TINGLE & now i have been inspired by this drawing today. you’ve got a really cool style; this really like wildly accurate realism but then a VERY light lines & lack of detail (in things such as the shirt, or hair) it’s like the perfect dichotomy in my opinion. it looks like it’s supposed to lack those details, it doesn’t look unfinished. & even in the the absence of them you can SEE IN YOUR MINDS EYE whats not there (such as more lines on the shirt fabric, more individual strands of hair, etc.) & i think that’s like a kind-blowingly cool thing to be able to bring into your art. like you barely shaded her face....but I CAN STILL SOMEHOW SEE WHAT HER BONE STRUCTURE LOOKS LIKE???...my mind is like exploding right now i love this so much

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