1. Kuki just being the best boss and cat at the same time <3

  2. yea and ganyu had that story of choking a monster w her hip so it really is sm about what they eat

  3. but that was because she was a fat child and not "thicc" as the fandom would like it :)

  4. kids wanna buy dem dopest skins too tell you they made love with ur mom

  5. ok Ganyu, Noelle and Yoimiya are legit crazy cute

  6. First official record of a Battle Medic

  7. Could we have David Attenborough narrate this like a Nature documentary?

  8. these comics made Kazuha a sociopath and i love it :)

  9. finding a new bag after having a full inventory for the last hour was just mmmm chef's kiss

  10. yeah i only saw it a week ago for the first time

  11. if your pc is good enough you can use Ark Server Manager and host a server on your pc just like minecraft

  12. camera position should have its own section in the settings

  13. it's lazy devs thinking dlss is a excuse for poor optimization

  14. this would be perfection if she would just be that tad bit tanner, otherwise beautiful

  15. looks like it could be a "guys look what i did in gmod" post, gotta check one of these servers ous :)

  16. UPDATE: it fixed itself randomly after I swapped to and back from ark primitive idk wtf happened but I can say that I’m extremely heated about it

  17. Ark primitive+ is extremely outdated and unsupported don't use it if you want to play without bugs

  18. first pc desk chair, playing with that plastic thing on the back all the time

  19. check the crate value on the market i sold a few of mine for like 3-6€

  20. My best friend from Russia showed me the Cartoon this is from and it's basically Russian Tom&Jerry

  21. i hate the shotgun flood and the rocket flood around corners and that one that is at the end of the hallway and all you hear is the swoosh of the rocket

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