1. Me too lol, I like his older stuff a bit more, mainly 1999-2004

  2. Ditto. I fucking hate all rap now. Its not music.

  3. They made that movie - The Invention of Lying

  4. Those people are the fucking worst. I can't even talk about the Super Bowl at work else this dude Shane starts crying about people kneeling.

  5. Funny thing is those same people are praising Mahomes for kneeling and praying to god.

  6. Roth IRA is best option. Its 50/50 which you should use for yourself. A lot of people will say traditional is better but it depends on your income and tax bracket now vs. In retirment. If you don't make a ton now and expect to invest for a longtime and then retire withdrawing more money than you spend now, then Roth is best. High earners should do traditional, medium to low earners, Roth.

  7. Get a new vet. There definitely is medicine to calm your cat. Gabapentin is commonly used to calm anxiety in cats. I've seen many people on here say their vet gives this to them for the same reason.

  8. Religion teaches blind faith, which then leaves people very gullible to propaganda and demagoguery

  9. People are stupid and like believing conspiracy shit instead of truth.

  10. Imagine waking up in the Harry Potter universe only to discover you’re a Muggle.

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