1. You should have an xml sitemap and submit to Google Search Console. And yes, you need a physical link on your website to each page. Easiest way is with a domain/sitemap.html. not sure your website platform but WordPress has a super simple plugin you can add to make this page for you. Then ince the page is created, link that sitemap into your footer. This way google bots will crawl the sitemap link in the footer on all pages and then see links to all your other pages.

  2. Good luck! Just be careful of the water depth and how secure the edging is so the weight of the water doesn't push it over before freezing. I've got a slight slope, so I use more stakes at the "deep end" to hold it better.

  3. Do you clamp the tarp down to the edges or just let the water weight keep it in place?

  4. It overhangs quite a bit, so I just let the water weight keep it there. If you don't have a lot of overhang you might need to clamp it at least while it's filling.

  5. Thanks. How deep is the ice when its frozen, just like 3 inches?

  6. Lol, this has been warned for MONTHS! You obviously haven't been managing your client's account if you haven't even tested PMax and were surprised by the impending automatic switch-over. This is doesn't look good on you at all.

  7. I just started at this company and wasn't running their ads when they swtiched.

  8. Also don't use the ones that were automated switch over create new campaigns.

  9. Why is that. Whats different from the automated ones. Their ads are oretty straight forward for shopping. I also see the assets are terrible. 1 image, 1 headline, 1 description. Had to update all of that.

  10. Is tre recovered from his injury? Why is he not playing yet?

  11. Short term IR. He has to sit the 4 weeks before he can come back.

  12. I’m not overly worried about the unit because I trust McD and the team he’s built. But it does make me wonder if they’re going to try and stretch out drives as much as humanly possible with more running to reallly minimize how much time the d has to be on the field.

  13. No reason to. Play your game. Pass attack and score the best way we know how. We are not a great run team and trying to run just to control the game would most certainly hurt us. Our defense is where we make them run the clock out. We never allow deep plays. Let them slowly go down. Plus they said Miami plays a ton of Man Cover Zero. That is exactly what we want for Diggs. Our WRs will be open like crazy.

  14. Why do my recent screenshots or downloads not appear in gallery when trying to post?

  15. Rooks made some good plays yesterday. But I have been saying this since preseason.

  16. Gimme a big pouch idc. They sell boxed wine in bags. Get Capri Sun in one if those boxed wine bags.

  17. Depending on where you live in the country waiting could be a risky strategy. We are still in the midst of annoying shortages from the pandemic. Last year I ended up driving an hour away to get my two-stage in mid October because I was worried they weren’t going to come in or that they would sell out during the first big storm.

  18. They will discharge themselves even on the charger. The charger will blink green lights when in storage mode. It does it to my mower charger in the winter, and the snowblower dual charger in the summer.

  19. In my opinion there should be no reason to remove batteries from the charger. The modern batteries should have internal logic that turns off charging when the batteries are fully charged. If ego does not have this, then why do they charge a premium for their products, when even Ryobi advertising that batteries have their life extended when they are always hooked up to their 6 port charger.

  20. Thanks. One thing I noticed to is that months into winter I wanted to just see what would happen and I took a battery off and then put it right back on the charger and it started charging again for 5 minutes. This seems to me like it did shut itself off.

  21. Big difference. We use ours commercially and I always recommend the steel auger vs the rubber. It’s closer to the 2 stage without being a 2 stage.

  22. I haven’t had a problem with the rubber auger. It spins fast and breaks up ice as well as any single stage.

  23. How does the rubber handle 2 feet of snow thats built up from the plow? I live in a heavy snow area and the plows will leave 1 to 3 feet in the driveway

  24. If you are already using Semrush, they white label the service for about half the cost.

  25. We have bright local, moz, and ahrefs. They don't want to pay for semrush

  26. Moz is a complete waste of money. I’d drop that.

  27. Lol i know that. My company has so many clients in it that they dont wanna switch them out

  28. I just talked to EGO on the phone and they said it will be back when the season comes back. I also see Lowes has it for sale for $699 right now. I think thats leftover from last year. I'm waiting for black Friday and just opened a Lowes CC to get the $100 off my next purchase.

  29. I think you have to get an online cable service to get all the channels needed. Like hulu live, fuboTV, Sling, direct tv stream

  30. Oh def. Just like the confidence and not worrying about the miss cuz he knew they were gonna score.

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