1. ,Nikita has said that they will not be adding any wildlife to the game.

  2. Stay away from other scavs. Completely preventable. I haven’t been killed by a single player scav this wipe.

  3. no i literally cant. most of the time they just pop out and kill me. thanks for the help anyway

  4. Ok so you ask a question. I suggest a change in play style in order to survive. Then you just downright refuse to change play style. But will continue to complain about the game needing to conform to your play style so that you can live. SMH. You are what’s wrong with this game and the community. Why did you even bother posting a question? Moron.

  5. How many times have you ran it? It’s OP. Certainly not nerfed.

  6. Why do people keep suggesting this as if it’s an original idea? We all know it’s planned so are people just trolling? Or are people that incapable of searching for like 3 seconds to see if they actually have an original idea?

  7. It does 90 damage, before any limb modifiers. 131 damage could also be from 1 round hitting and fragmenting.

  8. Guess you will check the fee from now on.

  9. There are several YouTube videos comparing how the different headsets sound. But what it comes down to is how do they sound for you? What you like and each one sounds will be different for each individual.

  10. The only thing i could think of that maybe gave you away was if you had a backpack on while you were laying down. Other than that, esp hacks at minimum.

  11. How about me running thermals hunting rats. I main woods, and I always run thermal. I kill people all the time that were laying in a bush or in the grass thinking they are invisible. Not to thermals. And the rest of my squad runs thermals. So if someone is working on grenadier we can spot, pin down, and let the guy try and get nade kill.

  12. There's 24mil players and you think people use thermals to look for people...

  13. I’m telling you I hunt people every raid with thermals.

  14. Google. Dozens and dozens of threads explaining the fix.

  15. They are easy to find. They should make them harder to find honestly.

  16. Cheaters steal accounts. They don’t buy new ones. So the whole BSG benefits argument is not valid. There is a terrible cheating problem right now. But They don’t buy new copies.

  17. I remember a while ago now they used to have a room with bitcoins and stuff that was inaccessible, and you would be banned for taking it since the only way you could get it is by teleporting items into your inventory.

  18. Been like this for a long time. Not a glitch. It’s a game mechanic.

  19. I could have sworn that this wasn't the case, time to break out the US ammo for the akm and try it out...

  20. It’s been the case for a long time now. Anything that changes muzzle velocity aka different barrel lengths will effect this as well.

  21. Booooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo

  22. It’s to barter for Emalya croutons so that you can do the sugar trade to either stock up on sugar for the booze generator, or to stock up on thermals using the sugar trade.

  23. Imagine thinking that every single time you die that it had to be a hacker. Even thinking you got hacked when in reality you died to an AI SCAV! LMFAO.

  24. You know it says when they’re players right ? I haven’t met a hacker scav that’s why I’m saying “imagine hacking as a scav” So cringe

  25. Ya I know. I agreed with your statement. Was adding on to how ridiculous the notion is lol

  26. Find them on woods all the time.

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