1. Looking for daily gift openers. No need to send back but gifts are appreciated. Polar region. 2244 7578 1031

  2. Beautiful. I love that he more or less kept his coloration (so far!)

  3. The calcification on the lid isn't a big deal, it's more unfortunate that the water level is so low

  4. This is one of the most beautiful bettas I’ve ever seen

  5. Dope. What do you mean about the fishing line? Like you sewed it on to the back?

  6. If it's a goldfish its definitely not a planted aquarium

  7. Not necessarily! I keep all my goldfish with plants and have had no issues (except floaters of any kind, which get eaten)

  8. I have the "neglected/abandoned/forgotten" fish tank dream where I go into a room I haven't been in in a while, and holy crap there's a fish tank that's apparently mine and I've forgotten about it for months or years! And so the dream is about me wallowing in guilt while I try to feed sick starving fish and/or perform a water change. Bonus points if I find this tank in some abandoned location and I'm not equipped to feed or clean. I swear I've had those dreams a dozen+ times.

  9. Wow I have definitely had this dream multiple times!

  10. This is horrendous. I’m deeply sorry and I hope you can get legal assistance holding them responsible

  11. Random? That is one of Humanities Treasures.

  12. I had a cammallanus infestation last year. The redness and stringiness coming out of the anus looks a lot like cammallanus to me. Not a single worm, but a cluster. See if there’s still red worms protruding after he’s done passing that turd.

  13. This is wild. Aside from the color it looks really healthy. There’s even new green growth

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