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  1. Sorry--but you're in the past on this one if you don't believe it's the future. I get that this is how things have "historically worked:" not anymore. The rise of technology will continue to accelerate work from home.

  2. While I agree with the future of work i think you have it a bit backwards. Opening remote markets just means HCOL workers now have to compete with LCOL workers with the same skill set and qualifications AND the local workforce. I can’t see any outcome other than wages for HCOL locals leveling as a result.

  3. Honestly, this is good. I love working remotely but I work remotely in my home town. It is not fair to be working in the Bay Area making $260k TC while living in some rural town in Idaho where the average salary is $35k a year.. 200+ of these guys and boom, prices become unaffordable for locals. So many towns have been screwed over like this. How can a random farming and tourist town in Montana compete against armies of remote workers from Seattle, SF and LA?

  4. The reason why your TC is 260k is because at some point a shit ton of educated workers migrated to the Bay Area creating a competitive job market and competition for resources.

  5. That is weird as fuck, sorry. They may not have known their roommates families beforehand but you’d think after a huge gruesome murder in their own home they would have something to say to one another. It’s not like these girls just met at the bus stop the day before and she’s a long lost sister. They’re all connected by tragedy now.

  6. Flip side, they woke up to 4 roommates butchered to death and may need a few months to deal with the trauma before taking calls from people they don’t know.

  7. They’re never going to figure out who did this. It might as well have been a supernatural demon at this point, because whatever this was, the circumstances are so, so bizarre. Nobody heard anything at all when 4 people were violently murdered??? Nobody knew anything until 8 or so hours after it happened??? The whole thing is so WTF. If this wasn’t a perfect murder, I don’t know what was. It’s been over 2 weeks now. Sorry to say this, but a lot of murders go unsolved because it’s not that hard to cover up and get away with.

  8. Agree, barring some magical piece of evidence this is going to be the topic of an unsolved podcast in a couple years. Really get the feeling 99.9% of what investigators are looking at has been vetted and nada.

  9. You’re both assuming things we don’t know from the information in the original post.

  10. Locked doors, large dog and good lighting probably eliminates 99% of intrusion risk.

  11. The obvious answer would be he came round at 2am for the after party and the others saw him there. Kaylee breaks it off / tells him it’s not happening, he leaves, she tries to call her ex for reassurance or reconciliation, and the man sneaks back in through the unlocked slider door. If he can’t have her, nobody will type thing.

  12. I guess running with this theory, it still doesn’t explain why 2 women and a man were also murdered. Unless they were witnesses. But as someone says above very likely this person if they exist is known. And no mention of a scorned partner by friends, family or the police.

  13. Everyone thanksgivinged out? Everything has been super quiet this weekend.

  14. Enjoyed the weekend at my second home which I took from a housing insecure family.

  15. Good for you. You probably enjoyed some amount of privilege. Not everyone has that

  16. And neither get to what would really matter - what percentage of 18-40 year olds have significant crypto holdings?

  17. Sold Single Home Prices here in Alameda County, Ca SF Bay Area, are now down 16.2% from the peak back in June 2022. Sold Prices down -1% YOY

  18. As much as I’d like a 35% drop so I can finally upgrade without doubling my principal and tax basis, that shit is never going to happen in the parts of Alameda county people actually want to live.

  19. Sanfransisco as a whole is on the decline so I do think this could be the end of high priced SF realty. With the south now the dominant region of the US, and tech jobs being moved to Austin, Miami and Seattle, SF is gonna decline. Especially as tech is CRUMBLING right now since no one wants to live in marks dystopian metaverse and tens of thousands of highly paid techies in SF are laid off all at once. I could very well see SF coming down to more reasonable pricing (not affordable REASONABLE) more like Long Island or Connecticut pricing where a shitty house is 270-400k starting and a good home is 900k (although with a shitty house in SF starting in the 1 mil range rn that’s a huge improvement)

  20. SF isn’t even slightly relevant to Alameda county. Alameda county is where SF exiles are paying a shit of money to own.

  21. The supply and demand of credit is the main factor that drives house prices.

  22. You keep saying this is the face of a Bay Area SFH running 1.3-2M while a comparable come in a market where supply meets demand that house would cost 350-500k.

  23. My dad said "Just make more $" or "Get a job that gets you more $"

  24. Can you expand a bit on what exactly you’re doing for money instead of taking his advice? If you're an engineer then yeah, he’s off his rocker. If you decided go into debt studying jazz theory, or funneled yourself into the barista career path he had a point. Lots of shades in between.

  25. psychics, lol… this sub is getting dumber and dumber

  26. You're paying for the failing years of a house. It's a total crap shoot that cannot possibly be predicted. Maybe it was immaculately taken care of for half a century and everything will easily last another 20 years.

  27. Problem here in many cases is you demand a newer build, good location and good price but can only pick 2.

  28. Agree, cams are helpful in identifying who killed you and may provide a faster resolution for those speculating on the Reddit sub set up for your murder. But I think a firearm is probably a better investment.

  29. "Why are you not giving the armchair detectives more material for their entertainment?"

  30. Yes, it is. Housing crash starting in 2022 and with the big drop in 2023. I guess you didn’t see the 10% drop in housing prices according to several real estate and news sites.

  31. Who said it hasn’t started? 1.5 million unemployed. 100k tech jobs lost this quarter.

  32. Being able to snag babes that are out of your league is something to be proud of.

  33. He’s not even that bad looking. And doubt many here can verify anything redeeming about Kaylee besides what they see in a photo. She could be charming as hell and intelligent or a total airhead who gets plastered every other night.

  34. The theory stays alive because the Kaylee simps have invented this entire relationship dynamic between them from a few few pictures where Jack looks like a 6-7 and Kaylee looks like an 8-9. Despite the reality of her social media showing her to be deeply attached to him, her parents hooked by his charm and her desperately calling him 7 times after coming back from a bar.

  35. Wahab did nothing of the sort. Those were NEWS stories in the local NEWS that shined a light on the stupid stuff long before the campaign, including the really bad, corrupt stuff. When Mei's backers sent the complete LIE of a mailer about Brock Turner, saying Wahab did not support women, Wahab's backers sent the TRUTH out about Mei's corruption.

  36. Looking at your history looks like you shilled pretty hard for a candidate and are a bit insecure about criticisms. Not going to argue in favor of either of these people because they’re both low quality candidates.

  37. You mean posted good things about her because I know her and what she's done, so I am trying to educate doobs to not vote for a completely corrupt, off the rails person? Yeah.

  38. Not really understanding that butcher job of a comment. Though will say anyone who doesn’t understand Vinnie Bacon is a total unhinged POS doesn’t understand local politics.

  39. Friend lives in Miami and worked in restaurant scene. Says Miami is dead quiet during peak season (winter), many of the northerners moved back and they are building a ton of multifamily in south Florida. Rents are drastically reducing.

  40. Interesting. Any chance you can get some Miami commercial real estate analytics from a few baristas?

  41. Any deals in good Canada are going to be slurped up by China. They drink your milkshake.

  42. Wow. My favorite place to book for a weekend getaway is $50/night and right on the river. I don’t think it’s a piece of shit. The host is lovely and the property is cute. It’s a little rustic but it has a kitchen, bathroom, running water, it’s own boat dock, pets are allowed and my dog freaking loves it.

  43. Wow, imagine the “bargain customers” who visit that place. Wait, I guess you don’t have to imagine.

  44. Yeah I don’t I go chill with my dog, read a book or two, relax, clean up after the two of us and head home.

  45. You’re the one claiming “bargain customers” come with low rates. Just using your logic against you. Can’t have it both ways.

  46. Sure. But the average American is financing a bunch of other shit to get them eggs. Including their home, their cars, their TV, their new appliances, their kids college, their dogs vet bills, their vacations, their wife’s $700 purse and their Xmas presents.

  47. This actually happened to me at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. We had booked a certain themed suite at a discount using rewards points. Shortly after we checked in we got a call and numerous apologies but a certain high roller had showed up, your in his favorite suite, he risks a million dollars a day abs you don’t. The difference, of course. Is they still moved me to a Sky View Suite, rather than making us leave, but I was given the impression that, had they wanted to boot us or had the place been full, they were within their rights to do so.

  48. Zero chance Mandalay Bay would boot you to the street. They’d find you a room in another Vegas hotel, pay for a cab, give you a dinner voucher and probably pay for your first night at the neighboring hotel.

  49. When feelings and emotion run your thought process and facts don't matter, anything is possible.

  50. I think this is fully conscious and they know exactly what they’re doing. They just think consumers of this type of propaganda are so stupid that they will never question it. And they’re largely correct.

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