1. The fact that the flag can be easily removed for foreign markets demonstrates how incidental it is. It's totally unimportant background detail.

  2. Because there are places in the world where its presence would get the game banned? It's there because it's worthwhile as background detail, and it gets removed because money is ultimately more important to them than that flag's presence.

  3. Only progression should be in single player, fuck multiplayer progression systems, turn every fucking game into a grind.

  4. Good thing I stopped using google search earlier this year thanks to how terrible it's become.

  5. Duck Duck Go, it's not great either but I tend to find its marginally better. I'd like to get away from gmail and gchat as well, but it's hard to break away from an email address you've used for 15ish years.

  6. Yeah, but still, I kind of hoped that this game would at least have some playerbase that gives effort. Especially since it's not a mainstream game - it's not like I'm playing with randoms on cod and hoping they're all really good or something, this is a less-mainstream game with a specific playerbase and I was just hoping that maybe the playerbase would care. I rarely have this issue with Squad - a similar game, but more outdoors-based and PvP instead of PvE - 90% of the people I've met on squad actually try which is the opposite of this game. I'm obviously not expecting every single player to be god tier pros, but it's not far off to hope that half of the playerbase cares enough to try.

  7. You can't just go play Squad with a small dedicated group of like minded people due to it being 50v50. Therefore the people who want to play seriously are stuck with putting up with randos, but since they tend to be the ones paying for the servers too, they get to make the rules and demand everyone else take the game seriously too.

  8. Where did SWAT 4 take place? Less lethal shotty was painted green in SWAT 4 too.

  9. SWAT4 seemed pretty heavily inspired by New York City but I don't think it ever explicitly says what city you're in.

  10. SL's, FTL's, stop stealing my squad's fucking construction supply and using it to build expensive-ass towers in idiotic places that accomplish nothing. While you're at it, stop building TOWs on FOBs you don't intend to run ammo logi for.

  11. People think GameStop should be dead because video game retail is a dinosaur of a market in a world where patching and digital licenses are the norm and NFTs are a worthless boondoggle. It's not because the media says "GameStop is worthless", it's because walking into a GameStop, it's self evident that they are worthless.

  12. I agree that I hate it when communities start obsessing over a game's "meta" and trying to optimize the fun out of it. Shit happens all the time in games these days but I can't say I've found it to be too prevalent in Squad. I don't SL though and mostly play with friends, so I don't have to deal with tiresome assholes too much.

  13. Fallujah is pretty fun as long as my friends aren't trying to play armor there. I usually enjoy Mutaha and Narva too. My favorite is definitely Al Basrah though assuming that counts, best map in the game as far as I'm concerned especially on invasion. The actual city section of it is fairly small, but the progression of points from distant airstrip to outskirts to heart of the city is always fun, lots of variety.

  14. the mod is awesome and has a lot of potential IMO, but from playing it a few times I would suggest on working on the gun sounds ... it's literally tinnitus inducing when everyone starts firing, no one can hear shit on the voice-coms, and they need to work on the visibility IMO, it's dog-shit ...

  15. Revolver only runs can be pretty fun, did a few with a friend of mine.

  16. Valley of the Dolls is one of my favorite maps but you gotta learn how to handle it. You gotta take it super cautiously and avoid windows as much as possible. It's very rare that someone shooting up at you through a window will actually manage to hit you much less do serious damage, the bigger concern is that they might come searching for you, opening doors throughout the house. It's a difficult map but I hope they don't change it too much, I love it as it is.

  17. SOCOM was such a good game. I feel sorry for the younger generation. Most games are so shit now. I bought an XBox X to try and get back into some chilled console gaming from time to time and all the games are so dogshit. The Xbox store is full of backwards compatible games which pretty much confirms that they’ve run out of ideas! The awful companies like EA and Ubisoft have taken over and ruined everything.

  18. There's still tons of good shit being made man, it just doesn't come out of big budget productions much anymore.

  19. Sounds kind of cartoonish, part of what's memorable about Fairfax Residence is how grounded it is. The dude is a schlub, he's not some brilliant tactician, just a quiet guy with a van, a house, and a fucked up mind. I find Valley of the Dolls to be a little over the top as well in how it depicts Voll's obsession with his daughter.

  20. Play Trails in the Sky. It's fairly young characters but it's not high school bullshit like the Cold Steel games.

  21. This is why GOG.com did the right thing refusing Hitman!

  22. CCP's management has been lucky once, and that's it. They never managed to strike gold a second time after eve online.

  23. It's easier said than done to make a game like X, even Egosoft is barely capable of doing it.

  24. It is kinda nuts how I barely see any discussion of games that release there exclusively. It's like they fall off the map as soon as they're released. I was gonna pirate Axiom Verge 2 when they launched it there and it went so under the radar that no one on the tracker I use even bothered to upload a torrent of it for like 6 months. By that point my interest had cooled and so I haven't even bothered to play it for free, much less pay for it.

  25. I look at places other than here, it's certainly possible that I've managed to selection bias myself into an echo chamber but I barely ever see anyone talk about games that launch exclusively on EGS. Oshry saying it's a "marketing black hole" just lends credence to that thought. I'm not saying absolutely no one anywhere talks about these games, but it definitely seems to me like EGS cripples their word of mouth and online presence.

  26. It's hilarious how the crypto crowd have been trying to push the worthless fucking dinosaur that is gamestop as some savior of the games industry. I swear its the idiots who bought into it as a meme stock and tricked themselves into thinking the share price would just keep climbing forever.

  27. People often tend to ignore the latter point about how just playing a game, even if you don't spend any money, is contributing towards its success. They'll treat playing some egregiously monetized game without spending anything as some bragging rights thing or "oh I'm appreciating it without contributing to its horrible practices" but it is still a direct contribution to the game's success.

  28. Silent Storm, you think xcom iron mode is hard? Try having limited agents with perma death with more complicated mechanics, like enemies put booby traps, stances and so much more.

  29. It's a shame PKs really fuck up the balance when they eventually show up. Also organic stat growth is pretty fucked up in it, since benched characters become way stronger than characters actually in use.

  30. Shattered Horizon - A fantastic Space based multiplayer FPS game that died too fast. The realistic 3D, momentum based movement in the game still has no good equivalent.

  31. Oh man, I was in the beta for Shattered Horizon, good times. That game was crazy unique, never played anything like it since.

  32. The guy in Majima's intro is not having sex with the girl in the middle of the cabaret club, he is groping her breasts while she tells him to stop. Yes it's sexual assault, and yes, that makes him a terrible person, it's not rape though. Calling it rape is at best hyperbole and at worst an intentional lie.

  33. It's not hard to avoid it all just by staying out in the fringes, the niche titles that actually cater to your interests specifically. When you have a relatively small audience you can't afford to really piss them off (unless they're simulation obsessives who are the ultimate whales). The last time I played a game that even offered predatory monetization options was Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It's easy to almost entirely excise this shit from your life.

  34. stop, voting with wallet doesnt work. you boycott they go to scummier tactics to make money anyway. we live in a world of 7 billion people theyre going to make the same money either way. stop paying them, but dont be so delusional as to expect change.

  35. While what you said is almost certainly true, discouraging other people from trying to protest these practices due to your apathy is just as bad as actively supporting them.

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