1. I relate to this as a Autistic child being told to be “normal” all the time.

  2. Yeah. School taught me to be “normal” and calm down.

  3. In the specific case mentioned here it fits because Riot is owned by a Chinese company (Tencent) and most of the playerbase is located there, so they hard appeal to them with designs.

  4. It’s not China a large contingent of the Playerbase everywhere prefers hot human characters and thinks any character not designed to be sexually appealing is “ugly”. Stop orientalist blaming “China” like it’s one singled entity and more because many LOL fans are hiring bastetds around the world.

  5. Based OP. You know we're both gonna get downvoted cos this sub isn't willing to admit it's China hate boner comes from racism btw right?

  6. I’d like a first encounter for Viego where Varus compares him to Valmar.

  7. Many many Pokémon Evolution methods. Including spinning around in game. Holding your console upside down. Playing with 39 friends.

  8. Some fans need to accept 40k isnt the Goku of fictional settings. There are some that can stand toe to toe with 40k or even stronger than it.

  9. Space Marines are not all powerful gods who could crush most fictional settings.

  10. It's weird how North Korea and China both make propaganda that falls in the second camp.

  11. I mean fuck the US navy. But this makes them look cool.

  12. Too many people think they can take on a Chimpanzee

  13. It's definitely not a hot take or I would certainly hope it isn't. People overhyped Bel'Veth teasers and convinced themselves they were gonna do a Ruination like event two years in a row (save my soul) without any supporting products and without the same champion release pattern from 2021 (where 4 new champions were explicitly connected to that saga).

  14. It makes sense for not wanting to do another big event after the Ruination.

  15. Exactly my point, as well as the OP's. People got hyped on the idea of a new event, although after the last one I'm not sure why that would be seen as a desirable thing so soon.

  16. Yes we just got introduced to Bel’Veth we can’t take her as this earth shattering threat. When we just meant her

  17. I’m okay with them not pushing the limits of graphical fidelity if the art style and art direction is nice and they’re are no glitches every few minutes.

  18. Those G-D live in heaven because he too loves in fear of his creation? Spy Kids two.

  19. Ok, I keep seeing claims like this from SMT fans and I have to ask, SMT fans, have you actually played any other RPGs? B/c the idea SMT or worse nocturne specifically is unique in making buffs and debuffs useful is ludicrous. Buffs are almost universally amazing in RPGs, to the point buffs are easily far and away the most consistently strong or outright overpowered spells/techs/skills/etc. in the genre. Some RPGs damage spells outclass physical attacks, others damage spells are weak or slow to cast compared to physical skills/techs, but I am honestly struggling to think of a single RPG where buffs are not at least kinda good. Debuffs aren’t as universally good but are generally very strong against bosses unless they are immune. Status ailments I will give you, some RPGs they are great, though in many the bosses are always immune to all the good ones. But even then I would argue there are more RPGs where status ailments are good then people think, it’s just most bosses are not weak to every status ailment, but the same can be said of SMT.

  20. Wait is this real lore? And I can’t imagine how smug someone would have with a Custodes Guard.

  21. Faeries have access to Catrips and can do many different types of magic from turning someone into a newt to resurrecting someone.

  22. Why wouldn’t anyone dating Cobblepott know about him being a crime lord.

  23. Also, due to the amount of streaming services available they start to lose out in value a lot, since the main draw of Netflix was having so much content in a single place before each company pulled their content from there to make it available exclusively on theirs.

  24. The deepest throughs of clinical Depression. Being utterly empty.

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