1. If the stakes are high enough, I'd play on for a 1% win chance. Could be the third game of a Bo3.

  2. In tournament situations (i.e. high stakes); usually, you try and concede ASAP - in case game 2 drags on for too long and you run out of time to play game 3.

  3. Thank you for your input! So basically going fast is the best way to win. Would you recommend playing around Censor or risking it?

  4. It depends on your hand. If your hand looks like you are able to win even if you skip Turn 2; then play around it.

  5. Is this mandela effect? I thought he had no cancels in Accent Core unless you pick his EX form.

  6. Going from keyboard to hitbox was basically just like 'hey, this works better than what I was doing already'.

  7. In terms of playing fighting games with a disability or handicap,

  8. Okay I looked a little now and I found a playlist with quick guides for all chars, that's cool!

  9. I wonder if the [[Arcane Proxy]] StT decks just got a lot better with Snapcaster instead of Proxy.

  10. I think in modern magic you can, like even for UW control what would you rather do draw 3 cards or stick a teferi. I’d rather stick the tef I know not everything is always the one answer but I’m going for tempo like 60-65% of the time. Not saying I’m right or this is always the case I just think tempo is now more important broadly, as a general principal than CA. It used to be the opposite card advantage used to mean a lot but so many cards replace themselves now a days usually your playing to the board

  11. Yup, 10+ years ago I would fight against control by trying to count the card quantities on each side, and despair would come from [[Sphinx's Revelation]].

  12. Unless you're beholden to either of those specific color combos or your own deck brews, I'd recommend switching to Azorius Auras.

  13. This especially applies since [[Invisible Stalker]] has been confirmed to be coming to MtGA very soon.

  14. I think a lot of the issue with the original was the netcode, and online play experience.

  15. If we're talking peak player counts, BBCF and GGXrd are peaking at a little over 350 players daily, and they are relatively older games. I expect GBVSR to peak in the range of 600-700 players in the long term since it's a newer title and also has an existing large fanbase from the RPG series. I don't think Discord is mandatory once the player count exceeds 300, but of course, it depends on your location and what time of the day you play.

  16. Discord isn't mandatory once there's enough players, but honestly the experience is kind of better since people are more willing to play longer sets on Discord, compared to matchmaking queue where you'll constantly run into people who will only play 1 match and leave.

  17. Keep in mind that if you have the majority of a set collected that you are drafting, the extra gems you get for the Mythic/Rares you draft or get from opening the packs will usually cover the 100 gems deficit from the 4 wins situation.

  18. Thankfully, most people don't have time for that much MtG anyways, so the daily rewards really help provide more income and drastically lower the percentage you need to win to go "practically" infinite.

  19. Yes you would, the vast majority of players aren’t gonna have time for 3 full drafts each day. People would just re-roll until they either get “the nuts” or run out of free rolls.

  20. Yea, I don’t see why everyone who generates passwords with a pass manager doesn’t use 20+. It’s not like it makes it any more complicated for you.

  21. Yeah, I have a 32-character password, randomly generated with random lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.

  22. I agree that the Season 2 for Strive is very specific (there aren't any older characters, the whole season pass is like young adults or teenagers, and a bed), but personally enjoy Bridget a lot, and Bedman? coming back as an animated bed is my favourite Guilty Gear character of all time even without seeing the moveset yet.

  23. I can only speak of my experience with the ACPR community—they have been nothing but supportive and helpful. Never asked a question and got anything short of an informative answer.

  24. I also have a similar experience with AC+R.

  25. I was comparing it to Kof's #s which is one of the more established fg franchises. Still pretty bad numbers.

  26. Personally, I would compare the Multiversus numbers to other platform fighters, which has a larger (and separate, with some individuals who overlap) playerbase than the FGC.

  27. Something important to point out is that a lot of fighting games have very helpful communities if you know where to go, and if you have questions, then you can just ask.

  28. I just did my first match on KOF as expected I got my ass kicked and could only take out one of my opponent's characters. I'll see if I stick to it but if it doesn't click with this one I'll stop wasting my time and money unfortunately. Thank you for the resources and advice.

  29. That is very much expected - that is everyone's experience with blindly going into queue in a fighting game.

  30. I guess what I’m taking away from this is people aren’t really playing to have fun and only to win. This is an issue I’ve ran into in many tcgs and considering giving it up entirely.

  31. I think one of the key distinctions here is that you've set your own definition for what is fun - while others have their own definition.

  32. Thank you for this! I never caught on to that aspect of the text. So it's basically infinite attack if you have two in play?

  33. I'm not up to date on the explorer meta, but if all these decks are viable, that's a pretty healthy format

  34. Yup, all of those decks are viable, there are others that weren't listed either, such as Enigmatic Incarnation, Elves, Mono-Black, Citadel and some Atraxa decks.

  35. Are you playing Best of 1, or Best of 3?

  36. It seems weird to me since historic is basically eternal alchemy and alchemy Is hated

  37. People really want to play the other, iconic cards in Historic that aren't available in Pioneer/Explorer. The Alchemy cards just happen to come alongside them.

  38. Okay, you’ve got all the advice you need - yes, rice freezes just fine.

  39. I think I have the answer: he didn't measure 7 cups and did it by eye, and did 7 (actually 10) cups of dry, uncooked rice.

  40. A question about schezuan pepper, everything I'm reading makes no mention of heat, just numbing, but a few here claim it's hot. Does the numbing closely resemble heat/spiciness?

  41. Numbing is a type of heat. If you have a dish with a lot of schezuan pepper, you will 100% identify it as spicy, but not in the type of heat that you expect from a chilli pepper.

  42. Those would have all had much less "heat" than chili, right?

  43. In Asia, they have a distinction between 'numbing' heat and the heat that people usually measure in scoville units.

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