1. I didnt know third party apps existed before this drama, I use the official reddit app and it’s perfectly fine lmao. Maybe the other ones are better but it’s not like this shit is unusable

  2. And the fact that these people are willing to go to this extreme offer this policy is sad. How addicted these people are to online is sad.

  3. Geelong recieve: tum kelly Eagles recieve: Jeremy Cameron, Tim Hawkins and dangerfield

  4. Gaff needs to take a trip to Bali and stay there

  5. I love how there's more people in 4hos stadium than most Victorian clubs.

  6. Market stinky today but we smoking that celtocs pack so it's alright

  7. Nuggets to good tho. I love my bucks but even if we slogged our way to the finals, We'd have to face Jokic and company.

  8. Let’s see. One club is known for snow trips and range rovers, the other is known for crystal meth.

  9. No need to get angry over a comment acknowledging dees fans booing a ex player. Calm down big fella.

  10. I think, OP, you might want to talk to some WA people who aren’t Eagles fans. In many respects West Coast resembles old Carlton - rich, large membership, noisy/brash support, and, frankly, a certain sense of entitlement. I also think, in common, is delusion. The way West Coast fans (often here on

  11. I think it's fair to say the Eagles are consistent while the blues are consistent at losing for the past 25 years. So atleast we are loud and boastful for being good and not disappointing.

  12. I think modern day supporters are suffering for the sins of their fore bearers...traditionally arrogant, they were not great winners if you know what I mean...personally, my hate for them is dying...they were unconscious after the first 20 kicks and it just seems a bit sad to wee on them before you leave

  13. I forgot about how good back in the day. Though I personally don't count VFL Chips but I'm sure many others do.

  14. I am obviously out of the loop. Why is St Kilda now Belgium?

  15. Saints Aboriginal colours jersey looks like Belgium.

  16. Nah, not really lol. It's only ball, I've got more important real life shit to stress about.

  17. Good level headed response but idk u getting downvited. I feel better with the lose after seeing the heat get this far. Honestly want to see them go all the way biw.

  18. Honestly I've been watching lions and you guys these past few gears. Just to forget how shit the Eagles are. Until the Eagles are good again up the Dockers and Lions.

  19. It was never off the menu, it's our specialty dish

  20. Is a special dish special if we're served it every week?

  21. Anyone else like IHL and what they're doing? Or is pschedelix and cannabis just shitt.

  22. Finding other hobbies and just chatting more to friends. It sometimes feels like a chore but i always feel better after.

  23. How can you get that emotionally attached to the afl though. I love afl but surely you guys dint get that upset over loses right?

  24. As a Cripps hater, who likes to compare him to Russel Westbrook, each Carlton game is christmas.

  25. Was speaking to me old man, talking about whether to inject some money into RNU if it hits below 20, he said 'wait till the issues with the US and their debt ceiling problems are over'. I assume he includes the uncertainty with rates too.

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