1. In one of his dopey old bouts with the Jerkops in the comic, in this case the "Walmart McDonald's" one, cartoon Chris goes on a schpeil about why he sits around with a sign like he's a used car. He says women don't notice him because they're too occupied with shopping.

  2. That and his cowardly attempts to avoid getting kicked out by hiding his attraction sign. Claiming he didn't have one (a lie). Then he would either ignore the Jerkops due to his Noviophobia, or he'd run away swearing and throwing CYHMH's as he fled. The audacity that he bragged about nearly backing up on a Manajerk with his car as he "dashed off" with his bent duck between his legs.

  3. Even before the trolls became aware of Chris, he would abuse the free refills at Target and sit by the entrance all day. Taking up space.

  4. He's just playing pretend like the child he is.

  5. Wow, I wasn’t expecting to see Louis so soon! And he and Joey had quite the talk! XD

  6. Heh yeah! I felt a flashback was in order to give them a badly needed face off! XD And to offer an outsider perspective to highlight how Cherryton has changed, Louis seemed the ideal choice! XD

  7. ...and I'd say you were 100% right! XD

  8. Yeah! And Joey makes for a good starter villain as well. Embodying every negative Herbivore stereotype like they're badges of honour. X3

  9. Barb didn't deserve what happened to her.

  10. Thank you for not being a bugman and using logic instead of emotion in your reply sir

  11. Louis is like 18 and Cosmo is like mid to late 20’s. Legal, yes, but a bit too weird for me.

  12. It's Louis. Most of his personality is Fruedian neurosises.

  13. I love how Legoshi's memory makes the interation more suggestive than it was. Haru never posed for him like that, at most she felt up his stomach and tries to pull down his trousers. He wasn't even looking when she took off her clothes but he remembers it as if was a striptease.

  14. Cherryton is a big school, and like you said, Legoshi didn't interact with Louis much before Legoshi stepped in the way of Kai's attack in Episode 1. Louis only sees Haru when he goes out of his way to see her at the Garden Club, otherwise they never cross paths. Legoshi had to get pretty close to Louis to be able to smell Haru's scent on him later on. If he generally didn't interact with Louis much, it's entirely possible he never got close enough to pick up her scent.

  15. Lol, Chris isn't that far off from Hans, difference being Hans pretty much never deserves the cosmic suffering he goes through every day.

  16. "My name is Chris. Soulbonding has ruined my life. I'm 41 years old!

  17. "I'm Godjesus and ya'll gots ta deal wiv dat!"

  18. Remember to chris, if it is drawn then it happens in reality in an alternate dimension. So to him, he forced 2 people to chose execution or suicide.

  19. Plus he killed literally hundreds of people in the 4-Cent-Garbage Buildings destruction.

  20. Megan could have saved herself so much harrassment ftom Chris if she said she had a boyfriend.

  21. Yeah I remember that too, Chris used to view autism as a negative trait that needed to be cured, and he did not wanted to pass on his sperg genes onto Crystal.

  22. Plus he utterly refused to date black women.

  23. Good points. You'd expect there to be more cultural variation among the land beasts since there are so many different species, but the only cultural divide we see is the one between the land beasts and the sea beasts. Then again, Paru is Japanese as you pointed out, so diversity as a theme didn't cross her mind at the time. That, or she didn't give a damn. It would have been cool to see, though. XD

  24. Lol, given Paru's track record of writing Beastars in a very plot-convenient manner, I imagine the thought of including more cultures just never occured to her. Especially since Beastars is in part, a meta-critique of JAPANESE society and culture specifically. XD

  25. Yeah, the Japanese elements of the society in Beastars are very much prominent (which are definitely fascinating). The kimonos worn during the Fang Purification Ritual are a big example, as you pointed out. :3

  26. Yeah, it is kind of odd that Beastars society is so culturally homogenous when the population is more diverse than any Human society could possibly be (racial diversity between humans is nothing compared to species/breed diversity between Beasts), but I doubt Paru put much thought into cultural diversity when writing her manga. Plus if it's her own culture she's pulling from, that makes her job as a mangaka easier. :3

  27. Ebay is a good place to sell. It's what I do.

  28. Because that's pretty much the last time Chris was happy, during High School.

  29. Bob was an adult in the 1950s, but it's possible that he would have seen those PSAs.

  30. Bob was 34 when 'Boys Beware' came out, but the attitudes that birthed the PSA most surely were around before its airing. Media does not exist in a vacuum and it is often the culmination of years of societal buildup preceding its release.

  31. In fact, whatever racism he had seemed to be more of moderate "Kinda bigoted" way rather than a hardcore White Supremacist "Segregation, hate crimes and slavery is cool!" thing (his Klannie comments to trolls was merely out of rage and a means to scare those idiots).

  32. Yeah. The only racism we've seen are in response to trolling, the prank call that got him to say "get your black ass back to the gutter" was just one of a years-long prank call operation. We don't know if he said or held any racist views outside of these isolated incidences.

  33. Beastars at its core is a very philosophically charged manga, which pretty much guarantees a more open-ended resolution. The entire point is to make the reader think, giving a concrete ending that closes all loose ends was never going to happen.

  34. You could even sum up Beastars like this:

  35. “I stuff vegetables down my throat! I stuff green beans! I stuff broccoli! I stuff corn! I stuff carrots!”

  36. "I do put effort into everything!"

  37. He lies to himself about who is responsible for his life, what he's capable of, and why he doesn't improve himself. If he picks up drinking or drugs, it wouldn't shock me because that pretty much describes every addict to some degree or another.

  38. Some of Chris' most stupid acts happened when he got drunk.

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