1. Ah, this hits me right in the nostalgia. Even though I'm younger (M20), I have been dating with a girl I met through this same platform (F22), for almost a year and half. It is hard. It will take a lot of effort and it'll hurt too, the distance. Fortunately, you both are from Europe. I'm gonna talk from my experience, since I have European time too. My girlfriend is 6 hours ahead. 7 hours without DST. It is absolutely brutal. And we have never met. I am busy with college, she is finishing up her studies. We almost never have time. But there's always these 10-20 minutes where we have found we're both free and spend those together. We forget about the distance, just connect our hearts and live in the moment. It makes all the pain worth it. You just have to find those moments for you. And cherish them. I also leave voice messages for her whenever I'm free and she's asleep/busy too, if that helps ya

  2. Gurenn Lagann is the anime which surprised me the most. I had been spoiled of a sad scene, but the anime was NOT anything I expected from it. I expected a mecha anime, but it got philosophical and political and just poked at my moral ethics. But on top of that, it's the perfect mixture of comedy with tragedy, romance and adventure. The animation style is really good as well and it's one anime I'll never forget, since it was recommended by my then best friend, now girlfriend who will be my future wife. It was the first anime she watched, and now we constantly recommend each other animes, but TTGL will always hold a dear place in my heart

  3. To be honest, when I first watched DB as a kid, when after the time skip, Goku isn't a kid anymore and Bulma is like "Oh wow, Goku has grown into such a fine man" and is crushing on him, I honestly thought they'd end up together.

  4. Idk, but I hope AGL LR Ssj Gohan isn't on that. Have a second copy of him with 3 dupes

  5. I have yet to read ES, but I’ve only heard good things about it! Also, I agree BOLAS is top tier! MOTY was such a lovely one :D

  6. ES fucking breaks me into tiny pieces everytime I read it. It's fucking amazing. It's the best series by far, and the ending is just !!!. Do read it please!

  7. I farmed everything 7th Anni related the day before the banners dropped, while my friends were getting drunk and smoking magical stuff. My other friend was also flirting with this girl while I was farming his turles str lr

  8. Nope, if you're going to continue summoning to the lr ssj4 banner, wait until you summon the last multisummon. That is, considering the Part 3 rainbow ticket summons. But honestly, I wouldn't buy it either way since it'll be on other banners

  9. Anime I'd suggest something romantic like Toradora or Tsurezure Children or Horimiya. Hentai tho, I really like Shisunki Obenkyou to watch with my GF

  10. I wish Bloodbound was a GOC Book just for her, cuz my MC's are male, and since I'm a guy, I relate to it better. And Kamilah blew my mind with how gorgeous she is.

  11. Don't know any one of them, but they sound dope. Please let me know if you get the answer, which I hope you do

  12. When I tell you I was CACKLING when I finally figured it out 😂😂

  13. *insert ingenious pun/wordplay with the expression Eating Crow

  14. YESSS YOU MADE NOT ONE BUT TWO OF THEM (Sorry, have been offline a bit and missed the 1st. Love your work!)

  15. Redo of healer. The protag is the embodiment of manipulation and the story is him getting his revenge by manipulation

  16. I'm guessing since Spanish (which I speak) and Portuguese are similar; BoLaS, aka bolas, means balls.

  17. Exactly that, I feel like I let you guys down a little ☠️ (don't judge me lol 😭)

  18. Nah, it's funny af. I remember always reading the abbreviation and chuckling when it was coming out. I was like "ah yes, I'm so keen for balls" in a ironic way. So many good memories

  19. As a kid, around mid 00's, I watched the original 1969 version of Dororo. Being Tezuka Osamu, the style immediately reminded me of Astro Boy. I enjoyed both of his work. When in 2019 I saw it got a remake, I was so happy. And boy did it not disappoint. The pilot was amazing, and when we got to see the OP in ep2, I was just swept away. And it just got better with OP2. The plot was as good as I remembered. The only thing I didn't enjoy completely was the ending. Since the manga didn't have an ending, we got the ending in the anime, which is not bad, but it was very open ended. But I still think it was a good ending, not the best, but it was enjoyable

  20. Haven't even heard of something like this, but if you get the answer, pls let me know too. Thanks

  21. Wdym fan project? What did I miss in some weeks of inactivity?

  22. This is a fan-made continuation of It Lives series. It's VERY good and I recommend to read it. I replayed it five times and there're still some scenes that I haven't seen, that's how variable it is. There are 10 chapters and it's releasing on Saturdays. You can download it for free. ✨

  23. I enjoyed watching the original Dragon Ball series as a kid, and I watched it with my little sister of similar age again. She did enjoy it a bit, even though it has some blood but definitely not as much as Akira. The downside of it is that, since it's from the 80s, it's quite slowpaced, making it hard to watch for an active kid (at least this was the case for my little sister, but she did watch it in the end).

  24. I have this same problem, but with Endless Summer. On this latest playthrough, I tried to commit myself to choosing Estela, but at the end I just couldn't ditch my girl Quinn.

  25. Lol yeah, on my 3rd playthrough of ES I was going to go the Estela route but ended up going with Quinn again

  26. What I objected to was the fact that they were trying to get you to set up Emma with Luis almost from the beginning of Book 1, before you even have the chance to pursue her yourself. And Luis reveals his crush no matter what you do, so if you've decided that you want Emma to be your love interest, you have to turn Luis down and make him sad. Usually when they create alternate love interests for somebody, they don't introduce them until you've already chosen your love interest, and if you're dating that person, the possibility never even comes up.

  27. Yeah, I liked how Aiden and Caleb get to have their own LIs in book 3 and loved to see their chemistry

  28. There will be more parts now that you've said it😄

  29. Oh please make more!!! Also, my LI was Jackie and the last one, where she tells MC "it didn't get better" is the SO energy I want, seek and need

  30. And being the perfectionist and dumbass that I am, I'll pay 40+ diamonds for the full scene🤦‍♂️

  31. God same, I try to ignore the amount of money I paid to choose all the premium choices

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