1. Except he is going to steal her panties and leave her alone, that's all

  2. That's very far in the cosmos from reality

  3. Seems like the comment section is a speed run for a ban

  4. Mine is white and pink but just because that's my favorites colour's lol

  5. Spotted hyena are intersex. Aka they all have penises, regardless of biological gender. Only the females carry eggs and only the male carry sperm, but they all carry a vaginal canal and penis.

  6. First who the hell sit in the bed like that and say " I consent"

  7. So my video games hobbies since I'm 8 come from?....

  8. So we're evil with sex but some men want us to have sex all the time, what we should understand here?

  9. Okay so... Maybe my English is not good enough but... He mentioned potential zoophilia right? Tell me I'm wrong

  10. Who wants to help compile a list of crazy things men have tried to fuck, successfully fucked or have spoken about wanting to fuck?! 🙋‍♀️ Things you personally know of, of course. Just like this guy did.

  11. I caught my brother with toilet paper...

  12. How the fuck you're cheating on a husband you don't have yet?

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