1. This is peak human problem solving u sir are the next super soldier

  2. I always gift money now if I get it back then cool but if not its whatever I’ve had family and friends flip on each other over petty money

  3. Couldnt get anything to pull up, lots of sites just taking about it

  4. I found it its just more pics of her and other guys creepy affffff and her email to setup a appointment

  5. Bro definelty from New Orleans or Florida with that candy paint

  6. Any Mexican place on south boulevard especially el paraíso

  7. Play on pro they made every difficulty on the switch wayyyy easier then on other consoles i played Leon’s campaign on the switch the restarted on ps4 and holy shit I got my ass kicked

  8. They didnt make it easier, the difficulty is linked to framerate. Enemy AI on XB1/PS4-5/PC are way faster and more reactive because the AI is cycling through its logic more frequently.

  9. Yeah, I’ve never thought to see if one would go in battery with a backwards mag. Hang on, BRB…

  10. Wesker knocking me of a cliff into lava over and over again because there was no way to get around him and he wouldn’t fucking move

  11. I redownloaded it yesterday and played from my last save file I soft locked my self on the last checkpoint of the game had to knife weaker for about 30 minutes until the game decided I was done

  12. Blew my high, slam dunkin, stupid , ignorant , no love remix, Tracy Morgan, bruh I can go all fucking day

  13. Since you said you have a few builds have you ever experienced this with a g26

  14. I did I had to polish everything I used mgb video to do it and even then I still had to run 2-300 rounds for it to be perfect

  15. The fucking baby in village I love/hate that moment so much I get on edge as soon as I open the door to that fucking house

  16. Just for fun. Makes your Glock into an SBR kinda. I heard you might have to tax stamp it though . I’m not sure though because I don’t have one yet.

  17. nice This is the first time I have seen AG and it doesn’t look like dirt weed

  18. I love sheeva as a character but piers to me is the mot badass side character him and Chris where fucking unstoppable

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