1. i can’t believe how gaslit i was into believing this wasnt a good look

  2. day 222/237 of manifesting ra’jah winning CANvsTW using nothing but gorgeous gorgeous gifs of her <3 ​​

  3. :22078::22058::22059::22058::22058::22057::22056::22060::22061::27227::22058::22061::22056::22083:

  4. oh lord i didnt know that lana del rey loser had so many shooters in here i thought that most of the people on this sub had some self respect


  6. So, the S15 promos won't drop this week? Or will they simply not be released this Wednesday?

  7. They’re almost always released on a Wednesday, so we either getting them tomorrow or wait another week

  8. We know that a lot of the tea for Canvtw was mixed up with challenges and challenge winners but what we do know is the next 2 challenges and who should be eliminated.

  9. We already have confirmation that episode 4 is stand up & episode 5 is an acting challenge

  10. the fact there's potentially a canadian girl in the bottom for 4/5 weeks on canada vs the world is wild

  11. rajahs so bad with instagram i cant she hasnt even uploaded last weeks runway😭😭😭

  12. if rita wins canvstw we will never be talking about drag race belgique

  13. Ngl i hope for atleast the first 5/6 episodes of s15 they critique more than 6 girls, like damn imagine 10 safe girls in that first untucked

  14. Watching the bodies bodies bodies kill count because i fell asleep in the theatre & james a janisse is daddy

  15. Well, Ra'jah, Rita and Victoria will have two wins so we'll see

  16. When in Down Under vs TW all the finalists have 0 :22056: 😍

  17. please it looks like black peppa is hiding a fucking rotisserie chicken underneath that outfit

  18. ill always be a saint stan till the day i die but gah DAMN she’s getting eaten alive on twitter💀

  19. is ra’jah considered a canada winner, a US winner, or a vsTW winner? (all)

  20. It’ll be like a queen of the world title, which is iconic but in the hall of fame with blu :p

  21. absolutely disgusting & hateful that i can’t watch the new episode rajah lipsync until the morning

  22. day 209/237 of manifesting ra’jah winning CANvsTW using nothing but gorgeous gorgeous gifs of her <3 ​​

  23. It’s the first video that comes up when you look up ‘Lawrence Chaney reaction to winning’ on YouTube sksksks but here’s go

  24. Congrats to Danny, so well deserved… but damn i really thought this was Cheddar’s season😭