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  1. And what tf could she be checking on a first date anyway hahahaha

  2. Lol; maybe trying to see if this guys a player or not

  3. TBH asking gpt to continue isn't a best practice. It will forget context and veer off on tangents. It's better to ask it questions that can fit in one response or break the problem down into individual components if that's not possible.

  4. While that’s true I’ve had no problem asking GPT-4 to continue, sometimes two times during the same prompt when it stops generating at the wrong point while asking it to translate code or something similar.

  5. Locked my browser up 5 times. Chrome Mobile, Pixel 7 Pro, latest version of Android.

  6. Hm thats odd. My friends have had no issue on android mobile. Is it only the page freezing when you first load? Or when you place a pixel? It's very lightweight, to load the initial page it is only 3MB on desktop or 2.8MB on mobile (half of that is the background image lol) .. Tbh though the mobile version could be vastly improved if I had the knowledge.

  7. The light sensitivity, how long are you sleeping for and when do you usually first go outside?

  8. Did you find a fix for this? This started happening on my moms new galaxy . She called the person that it said the texts were from and they said they didn’t send anything, but she keeps getting text notifications from them that say tap to download and just disappear whenever it’s tapped.

  9. I am noticing major speed upgrade on my free account. But we should be quiet about it.

  10. It’s because GPT-3 isn’t being bottlenecked/overloaded with users anymore

  11. It didn’t say it was still GPT-3 it said it’s based on GPT-3

  12. Tried using Perplexity AI chrome extension with the same

  13. Thanks! I’ll definitely be working on it over the next week or two trying to improve the design and features. Once it’s approved by the extension store I will keep it free for as long as I can with my API 😁

  14. Redesigned and added a feature that allows you to highlight text and right click to have a few different options from the context menu. It got published if you wanted to review it again

  15. Ohhh I see. I googled chase unlimited and it says 1.5%.

  16. Quicksilver is better too because it has better purchase protection and better extended warranty for your purchases.

  17. Mine was delivered to Texas but how do you get to Sony where your Sony tracking repair package

  18. I'm a sucker for horror movies for a very long time.

  19. Hopped on yesterday, was enjoying it until I got killed from nowhere. Killcam showed a guy literally trace me through a wall until I was behind a door where he instantly drilled me. Couldn't believe my eyes, the open beta had been out 4 hours.

  20. It's a glitch thats still in the game, If you ping an enemy right when they kill you, you'll see the ping on them for the rest of the game.

  21. I still didn't decide, but to give you a bit of an insight. I don't care, no in fact I hate, Object avoidance sensors. On every Drone so far I turned them off. The beeping drives me nuts and I still want to fly through tight spaces if I can. The only issue I have is that the Avata's camera might not cut it for my needs as a semi professional videographer. And I am already a super aggressive drone pilot, crashed several conventional drones and worry a little wether I will be super irresponsible with flying an fpv... But it might just be the next evolution in me as a pilot. But the "non manual" capabilities of the M3P might exactly be what I need to not get fully unchained and keep an eye on my business venture, apart from wanting to toy around with fpv. Still really torn...

  22. omg lol you do know you can disable that beeping? That was one of the first things I googled after my first flight lmao.

  23. Yo I make those it could be one of mine if you are in socal lol. I lab test my distillate before I ever buy a liter though.

  24. Lmao, I worked as a BM BHO extractor and made distillate on the short path for disposable pens and carts and ended up landing a job in a licensed facility that has distribution, cultivation, type 7 manufacturing licenses. I know a majority of BM is not quality controlled, but let me tell you, the concentrates I was making in the legal lab that sell for $50-$60 a gram end user were no difference than the concentrates I made on the bm for $8-$10 a gram.

  25. I have a 9-5 job 6 days a week and got everything 600 the day of the patch because I’ve been saving orbs/casts for weeks. Only play a few hours a day

  26. This also disables wired careplay for some reason.

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