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  1. I agree that work/life balance is important, and how you spend your time off is nobody else's business but yours. I gotta ask, though, what's the big deal if you can't play immediately on release day? Especially if it launches with progress-halting bugs that need hotfixes or has disconnection or other issues at launch. If that happens, you'll start regretting taking that day off, as I've seen happen with folks who did that with the last two expacs. It's not like the expac is going to be deleted after launch day or anything, it'll still be there on your days off. Maybe just take days off at the beginning of March since you know it'll be out by then? Unless it gets delayed but Anet has been pretty adamant that it's happening in Feb.

  2. Why does a Bear evolve into a Doedicurus

  3. I hope it's true that the starters get different forms, because I want something that looks better than standard samurott lol.

  4. What about transgender men competing in female sports and subsequently wiping the floor with them?

  5. "The political side I'm assuming you belong to doesn't care about women's sports, so it doesn't matter if there's there's clear competitive advantage" is essentially what you're saying. What a poor excuse for an argument.

  6. Trans athletes have been allowed to compete in sports as early as 2003 without anybody hearing a peep about it until around 2015 when the supreme court ruled on gay marriage, around the same time they started introducing bathroom bills too. This whole thing has never been about women's rights, it's been about trying to stick it to LGBT people after they won marriage rights in the US. The women's rights angle is little more than an attempt to win progressives over to transphobia, and distract us from the fact that these folks claiming to care so deeply about women's rights are also about to gut roe v wade.

  7. Oh god this just put me in tears. Years ago, I lost two friends to colon cancer, and

  8. Scares the ever loving shit outta me because I have UC and that increases my risk of colon cancer by like. a lot.

  9. I'm not someone who thinks antivaxxers should be denied healthcare but cancer patients like this should definitely be given higher priority than folks who have refused the vaccine for dumb reasons.

  10. I feel like Trump had people surrounding him that kept him in check somewhat, even if he did try to only surround himself with ass-kissing cronies. Even the most loyal crony will try to manipulate their masters, because they don't support trump because they actually worship him so much as they see him as beneficial for their own agendas.

  11. It was! Even with like 6 y’s. So was “Bogos Binted”…

  12. Oh dang I wanna meet the person who has it. They better look like an alien too.

  13. I can still get a group for dungeons if I post a LFG during reasonable hours. Just don't expect to find an existing LFG, don't be afraid of posting your own LFG. It won't bite you.

  14. Finish up with the story so that it's caught up before release. World completion is ridiculously easy with mounts and will easily get you enough hps to completely max an elite spec. If you don't feel like doing that, then just do the hps in the expac zones. You could also play WvW and use the currency from skirmish chests to buy the HPs.

  15. It's beta. Obviously the matchmaking isn't going to be perfect right now.

  16. Yeah! I see no point in having Braham alive. It's like his whole character arc is complete. What else are they going to do with him?

  17. What do you do after you develop as a person, learn lessons and change? You just lay down and die because there's no more point, your "arc" is complete?

  18. He hasn’t grown as a character at all since his mom died. His arc is over, he is a waste of budget. Swap that character out with one people can connect with.

  19. I suggest you actually play the game then since clearly we're playing two different ones here.

  20. Don't give Anet any ideas. Other game companies are already shooting themselves in the foot with this NFT "play to earn" garbage.

  21. I'd like to think they're smarter than this, but then again they haven't even figured out marketing completely yet

  22. I'd like to at least think anet is one of the few game companies you can give your money to without feeling like you need to take a shower afterwards.

  23. I mean, we SHOULD have free cancer treatments because it saves lives. Why is this a gotcha. It's republicans who don't want you to have that.

  24. New ranger pets. I haven't really seen anything on them yet

  25. 'O Lord, bless this thy hand grenade, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy.'

  26. The existence of the consortium would suggest otherwise...

  27. You don't think personal works ever appear on google images?

  28. So? Copyright still applies. Don't like it, learn to make art yourself.

  29. Yeah, the typical argument against religion. Shrug I have faith in my God, faith being belief of something without proof, and I acknowledge that for what it is. I also think the complete situation is beyond our understanding, and that's that. I also believe in evolution, that the universe is 13.7 billion years old, and that science can help people.

  30. Honestly that's fair. I'm an atheist but I can respect this stance. It's rare that I meet a religious person who just admits their faith is just that, faith, instead of trying to "prove" their religion true with a bunch of pseudoscience young-earth creationist nonsense.

  31. Cheers, thanks for respecting it, and back at you. Have a happy new year!

  32. Right, I'm sure they're closing things to prevent people from 2021...when we have the fucking internet and anyone can just talk to whoever they want in a discord group without even putting pants on. Makes perfect sense.

  33. They won't restore my characters anymore, probably because I pissed them off requesting it too often lol. Idk if they're still doing them anymore, but they might make an exception in your case since it wasn't just a case of you changing your mind, it was someone else being malicious.

  34. No, it’s common to do this to someone you don’t like. It’s like swatting.

  35. My grandmother smoked all her life and the Lord largely blessed her too...until she was about 60. She was diagnosed first with emphesyma, then with lung cancer. This was in the 80s. She was 66 when she died. She spent the last few years of her life in and out of the hospital, undergoing treatments that left her weak, vomiting, and coughing up blood. One of her four grandchildren doesn't remember her at all. Another has only sketchy memories. They were 4 and 8. She was an awesome grandmother too. If she'd been well, she would have had my cousins for overnights too, taken them to dinner at diners and let them stay up late watching game shows and eating cookies with her. Instead, she's just a name and a few scattered memories. Fuck cigarettes. Fuck smoking. Your parent should quit and so should everyone else who smokes.

  36. Agreed. Still trying to convince my mom to quit. She says he's "trying" but she's not actually doing anything to quit, not even the free programs at the doctor's she could do. She coughs practically every 5 minutes, sounds like a barfing cat, but still is in denial that the cigarettes are causing it, even though when my dad quit, his coughing stopped. Doesn't listen to me at all when I tell her I smell lingering smoke on things, she thinks I imagine it or that I'm lying. She seems to be under the impression that cigarette smoke doesn't linger, it just magically goes away as soon as she's done smoking.

  37. Imagine being a smoker and calling a vaccine "poison." WTF do you think cigarettes are healthy?

  38. I mean he is kinda right. Omicron is way less severe than other strains.

  39. You can still end up tasting nothing but sewage for the rest of your life. Not worth the risk.

  40. No data shows that’s possible from omicron. And I’ve already had it, my tastebuds are fine.

  41. Good for you, I'm glad you don't have any lung issues that makes covid especially dangerous, not everyone is so lucky and you should stop telling people to let themselves get sick just because you personally got over it. My young nieces both have covid because my idiot brother decided to not get vaccinated, so no, fuck that noise.

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