1. Mine came in pretty fast. 36 Ds in about 9 months. They look amazing. The feel amazing. The are way more sensitive than I expected. I apparently touch them more than average.

  2. In my experience, pitch matters a lot more on the phone than in person, but high energy and a quicker pace of speach is what really made it start working.

  3. Who cares about tranny? I'm gonna say trap, because that one is faster to say.

  4. I reclaim TRAP in the name of all my fellow Trans American Princesses 👸

  5. I don't think you have GD, but perhaps there's other reasons for which you would need it psychologically. And at the end of the day, that's what matters, it's about whether it's gonna make your life better or worse.

  6. You, a random person on the internet, thinks this person, who has been diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria and posted paragraphs of history dripping with Dysphoria, think this person does not have Dysphoria.

  7. People are generally very stupid and they like to attribute one relationship to extremely complex concepts.

  8. They are definitely mutually exclusive. That exclusivity points out the need to have differing terms to describe things more exactly.

  9. Mutually exclusive means they cannot act within the same space. All three of these factors combine to make gender. Every person experiences all three of these factors at all times. The extent to which they cause dysphoria and the intensity of that dysphoria is variable per person, but it is not fundamentally different. Body Dysphoria, Social Dysphoria and Psychological Dysphoria all cause the same emotional distress.

  10. I have it on good authority that we Transfem Switches are Thusssy Kryptonite. 😈

  11. Yes and ranting against "genital preferences" is homophobic and a denial of exclusive same sex attraction!

  12. I'm very confused, do you support or oppose that Twitter rant?

  13. Oppose, obviously. What I see here is a heterosexual man demanding lesbian women suck his dick.

  14. Lol both of you having bloom in your name kind of made that a bit confusing.

  15. No it isn't - women at the top get sponsorship and opportunities that average "weekend" athletes don't get. And the same is true for men - two dads thrashing it out in a tennis match don't get sponsors or funding.

  16. It true though,a fairly fit amateur man can defeat most professional female sprinters on a 100m sprint

  17. Its true that a teanage boy can beat a professional female sprinter. It is not true that an average male can. Teenage boys are particularly well designed for that sport. Regardless, that is an exceptions not a rule.

  18. Im sorry im dumb, but i dont really understand what you meant lol could you explain it for me pls (sry)

  19. Lol I was just joking that it's notably less common for a cis guy think having a vagina might be better, really in any context. If there's one things cis guy don't wish was gone, it's that..

  20. Definitely need a source of your going to post something like this.

  21. The number of actual trans people is most likely way higher than has ever been reported.

  22. You are definitely passing capable. Sounds a whole lot more like you live around shitty people who know you are trans. Time to start working on the exit strategy. People who will not respect you are not worth keeping in your life.

  23. what are you trying to say i dont understand

  24. You were very obviously telling people those pronouns were not valid. That is s direct rules violation. Your ban was legit.

  25. but did i say the words, “those pronouns are not valid?” no 🤍 now stfu cuz u built like a chevy tahoe

  26. Lol explicitly implying something is the same as saying it.

  27. I can’t do any of those things without feeling like a total creep.. I can’t be a girl so I can’t do those thing do..

  28. You keep saying you can't be a girl, but, if you're trans, your already a girl honey.

  29. I don’t feel or look like a girl how could I possibly call myself a girl

  30. Looking like a girl is what transition is for. Don't tell me you won't ever pass because I can promise you it's not true.

  31. None of these answers are correct. If you are using a locker room you are part of a community. You should be respectful of your community within reason. If you have to fight other women for access to a locker room, you are not in a safe enough place to use that locker room.

  32. Could I have a source on that? My provider is currently targeting under 200 and if this is harming progress I'd really like something to show them in an effort to increase my dosage.

  33. Been a busy day, but ill see if I can get some studies. I know there is a recent one out of AU out there and a few more. There is still a significant lack of good research out there, that's why the Doctors don't know what they are doing.

  34. Sexuality is like the one thing that is based on physical bodies. Sure there are some people, like Demis, that's are attracted to personality, but sexuality is primarily based on physical appearance and secondarily based on genitals. This is why all the BS arguments about wanting to/not wanting to date trans people fall apart.

  35. You have two choices. Give them a chance to change or cut them out before they can hurt you.

  36. Honestly, it sounds a whole lot more like you live in a shitty place and everyone knows your trans. You can't change an entire community of assholes, but you can leave.

  37. Except the mermaid has almost no agency in any part of this. She's doing it to spite a man and for another man. It's very unclear that she wants the transition or is comfortable post-transition for that matter.

  38. That's not actually true. Her father is a source of emotional abuse which demands that she conforms to societal expectations despite the toll it takes on her. The Prince in the Little Mermaid is the catalyst that cracks her egg, but she longs to live in the human world well before she meets him. Ultimately, it is a violent act of abuse which drives her to leave home and seek out the means nessesary to achieve her goal. I hope I don't need to explain what the Sea Witch represents.

  39. All the things people do to get HRT and Surgery when they have no support system.

  40. it isn’t stupid to be upset by that, that’s blatant transphobia and is considered hate speech in progressive countries. those lesbians are probably TERFs (trans exclusionary radical feminists, aka white feminists) so fuck them. please learn to respect yourself, you don’t deserve that treatment. please find better people, there are better people out there.

  41. I do not mean to hijack but I would like to know the response, what about... how nasty... sissy porn? Forced feminization porn, that sort of thing? I am very happy to admit that I have never WATCHED said content but to my understanding the man gets off on being called/degraded as/forced to "be" a "woman". The example of a "euphoria boner" sounds even more like that to me when applying panties, since somebody isn't becoming female but rather wearing clothes designed for females, though the lines get blurred since we perceive the clothes so closely with being female.

  42. Sissy porn, forced feminization and things of that nature do not have anything to do with being trans They are just kinks and they can be enjoyed by both cisgender and trans people. These types of porn are less about femininity and more about degradation and misogyny. The sub is not getting off on being a women, they are getting off on being degraded.

  43. I've looked at sissy porn stuff in the past and I don't really know what to think now. If I'm not a woman and it's just a fetish, how do I cope with that fetish?

  44. Obviously I cannot give you proper answers to those questions, but I can tell you that being attracted to toxic misogyny is actually very common for trans women and that is what sissy porn is.

  45. >So you weren’t marked as “male” on your birth certificate? I mean that’s cool for you, but that’s still how it is for most trans women.

  46. Oh honey, you were taught wrong. Please listen to a biologist explain this.

  47. There are studies that support and oppose brain sex. Its not a concrete matter. Some studies (done on cis people, unrelated to trans issues), report that there is no such thing as a "male brain" and a "female brain", that the brain is not sexually dimorphic. The studies in support (done on trans people) also only report on MtF and FtM, they aren't proof for non-binary being an innate quality.

  48. I'm not going to argue with you. You have a very disturbed sense of self. You should get a better therapist.

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