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  1. Almost no man on this planet is ugly. Every man can glow up without surgery.

  2. No offense but u kinda look like the dude in the Adam Sandler movies

  3. oh and doom 2, can't forget playing 3 decade old video games on 5 year old hardware

  4. Nah u Good. Buzzcut really suits u

  5. Psychedelic couldn’t possibly be more accurate

  6. What is Mark Wahlberg doing in the first pic

  7. If you started a diet yesterday and already considering a cheat diet I’d reevaluate your diet.

  8. Nah I’ve been eating "pretty healthy" for multiple weeks now and Saturday had always been my cheat day. But I’ve only been on a absolutely no-sugar diet since yesterday.

  9. It’s a game. If you wan’t a realistic car experience then become a car collector in real life

  10. My brother in christ GTA V costs 60 bucks, a car collection like the one I got in game would bankrupt a billionaire.

  11. Video games are supposed to be unrealistic

  12. Bro you're putting her on a pedestal, women like that to a certain extent but treat them like a human being considering father's put their daughters on pedestal.

  13. She doesn’t even know that I’m crazy about her. Only thing she’s pretty much aware of is that I like her

  14. Drake the type of guy to come up with any life situation and post it on

  15. Don’t know why a guy hugging a guy is haram in any way. If it’s in a specific manner then of course it’s haram, but just two bros happy to see each other after a few months, leaving for somewhere, cool occasion. What’s the problem there? I mean if we look at it traditionally there’s some taboos but islamically? I’ll have to check.

  16. Dude he literally said CUDDLING. That implies that he lays down on a couch/bed and cuddles him.

  17. Read the full text. He’s complaining about not being able to cuddle with women who have a bf. He says it’s ok because it’s not romantically.

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