1. He doesn’t do it on purpose. He’s an old man. Just be patient and continue to love him. One day you will wish he were still there. 🥺💕❤️

  2. I knew more than a few people who gave away all of their personal info to credit card companies in college for a free t-shirt. Then maxed out the credit card with a $500 limit and a 20% interest rate.

  3. I’ve seen US military pilots, training instructors marching their troops, and service members on tik tok some even live streaming. What’s worse is their name, rank, and command patches are easily visible. It’s surprising the US military allows this and concerning that CCP is taking notes.

  4. Now think about this. How many of those soldiers will be approached by somebody from China with naked selfies of that soldier, pictures of them naked with someone who isn't their spouse, or anything else on your phone that might ruin your career or life if it became public. But they will keep quiet for just a little sharing of some information.

  5. There is a Heaven and all your beloved dogs wait for you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. 💕

  6. My heart breaks for you. Rusty was very blessed to have you love and comfort him especially as he peacefully left this earth to walk over the Rainbow Bridge. Imagine the joy when you two met again. I’m so very sorry for your loss. 💕

  7. Poor dog looks humiliated but he is funny looking and cute. But mostly cute 🥰

  8. There’s gotta be at least one person reading this thinking “shit I didn’t know that, wow.”

  9. Just started reading one by G Edward Griffin. I’ll look into the other authors you listed. Thank you.

  10. Imagine being chased by one of these in the middle of the night down a dark alley. 😳

  11. Im a janitor in a college and I work from 3pm to 11pm. One of the best jobs I’ve ever had. It’s pretty easy, I can listen to music, don’t have to deal with anyone. The only downsides are having to clean the bathrooms, but if you clean your bathrooms everyday and keep them clean, you’re good, you just have to get past the mental barriers and wash your hands after. And I don’t like finishing late but at least I don’t deal with people as much as day shift.

  12. Use to think 50 was old. Quickly realized 50 really isn’t that old, once I turned 50.

  13. Man, this hurts to watch. Naturally, I've watched it 5 times already.

  14. It’s like a train wreck. You just can’t stop watching and now I’m doing it too! My first thought was dumb ass.

  15. Check the labels. Some is made in China. Some of the food you can get cheaper in a grocery store depending on the store and sales.

  16. 🤣 😂 You’re mean and now I am too because I find your comment hilarious!

  17. You’re welcome. When you look at yourself in the mirror, which feature automatically reminds you of your dad? Mine are my eyes. When I smile they look like upside down smiles just like my dad’s.

  18. Hehehe. That is awesome! I just smiled from ear to ear!

  19. Keep looking at him all around you in all the little ways and remember, the love for him (and him for you) never ends. Good bless you.

  20. Yeah honestly these are bad ideas that these people are posting. This situation could get really messy and out of hand because of stupid stubbornness. Just be the bigger person, move out and cut them out of your life(OP said they ruined the friendship already)

  21. These people are such petty scum that I wouldn’t doubt they go to court for any little thing they “feel” isn’t in their favor.

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