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  1. I definitely wouldn't mind playing as the heir. Preparing to be the queen while also teenager with hormones and attitude :d also in my mind she would be super close with Auntie Olivia :d

  2. Kami-sama, please make it happen.

  3. Same here. It's also frequently telling me there is no ad to play. Especially if I'm on wifi and not data.

  4. From my personal experience, boys in highschool weren't the smartest cookies :d

  5. He likes to do it outside :d

  6. I don't know. We are on chapter 71 so the story would be really rushed if it had only 100 chapters.

  7. Nice theory. I personally thought it could be Becky, but Franky could work too 😁

  8. Lmao thanks for making me laugh, these are amazing.

  9. I'm kinda suprised Chiara is winning, even when she wasn't available in first two romantic TLSQs

  10. Well she is amazing after all, I just wish she would be more included in the story (or tlsqs). I mean she is a freakin'

  11. I wouldn't be against it if Mei didn't exist.

  12. Oooh can't wait for the Egypt story.

  13. I don't understand why Yor becomes so flustered though. this family is only so that she can resume her killing

  14. If you still believe that you haven't been reading/watching properly.

  15. Or because we simply love Yor and Loid together.

  16. So this is what it looks like when someone has bad taste 🤔

  17. Yeah, many times :d it's one of my favorite series.

  18. I didn't get a choice. Does it comes with premium scene?

  19. maybe only if you encouraged maknae or fought against the duet you got it? i only put diamonds into the early parts of this match and haven’t put any into the duet stuff

  20. I was definitely against the duet but I didn't encourage him. Tbh by the end I didn't want to be with either of them xd

  21. I'm definitely Hufflepuff material, but I like Gryffindor and in that Sorting Hat TLSQ we learn that the hat takes into account our wish so here I am :d

  22. She will definitely appreciate her mama more now 🤣🤣

  23. So if you pay for that scene you can dump them or choose between them?

  24. Yeah I didn't get that option too and I didn't pay for the premium scene. Maybe I chose some wrong dialogue idk :/

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