[Charania] BREAKING: The Brooklyn Nets are trading Kyrie Irving to the Dallas Mavericks for Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, a first-round and multiple second-round picks, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium.

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  1. Please allow memes at least once a week. Everyone wants them. I know they’re annoying to clean up the shitty ones but it’s something quite literally everybody agrees on

  2. So how long until Simmons gets hurt? Before or after Durant leaves too?

  3. Oh sweet! Man-made horrors beyond my comprehension!

  4. hell yeah, I made $10/hr for TAing a very intensive programming course, and lots of the undergrad positions are other skilled labor jobs, and $10 doesn’t cut it!

  5. The first thing you should learn is how dangerous electricity is

  6. Or maybe... it's just not actually as bad as a bunch of losers on reddit repeating other people's stories say? The only fights I've seen in a few trips to the Linc (and more to see the Flyers and Sixers) were between drunk AF eagles fans with each other.

  7. It’s very obvious when someone has never been to the Linc. People act like if you go in the opposite team’s colors you’ll be assaulted and burned at the stake. Fans are intense but 99% of them aren’t abusing others

  8. Did Fred Warners wife imagine fans shoving her?? For having a red bag?

  9. I never said she imagined it? I’m saying that the majority of Eagles fans are just fine, but people love the narrative that Eagles fans are abusive and horrible, and will run with it to the grave, when it’s not representative of the majority of people in the fanbase

  10. Looks like there are lots of different figures, ranging from 4.7-9%. This is the

  11. Nothing makes me happier than the meltdown from 49ers fans. You didn’t compete, you were never going to compete, and you got completely outcoached. How do I know you got outcoached? Because what dumbfuck coordinator is calling for a backup TE to cover Reddick. What a bunch of dickheads lol

  12. 30 for 30: Free Throw Merchant owns Joker in epic January clash

  13. Denis Villeneuve only shoots in IMAX because production companies want to put them in IMAX theaters, but he likes his movies with consistent aspect ratios. It’s super disappointing to me as well, wish there was at least the option for it.

  14. It’s not going to be Wawa, or Tastykake, or anything Philly based. It’ll go to the highest bidder which means DraftKings/FanDuel/whichever other online casino wants to market to more kids

  15. Just saw this yesterday with the kids. The animation, voice acting, and story were all pretty good. I can the see frame rate drop effect becoming kind of a trope though, but maybe that’s just me.

  16. I like how it looks! Obviously tropes start for a reason, and I’m glad animation doesn’t constantly think it needs to be smooth 24 fps to look like a ‘human’ movie

  17. I also like it, but once every movie incorporates it it’ll just be meh. It was amazing Into the Spiderverse, can’t wait to see what they do in the second one

  18. Yeah for sure, I know what you mean and I do agree, it will get old after a while. But while it’s fresh and fun, I think it looks fantastic! Who would’ve thought Sony Animations of all studios would be the ones to take that big creative leap lmao

  19. Peel❗️The❗️Stickers❗️Off❗️Your❗️AVR❗️

  20. Damn it . The only IMAX screen for 1,500 miles is closing. Fuck.

  21. Calling it lazy programming because someone hits 256 HRs or scores 256runs in a game is wild.

  22. “Lazy programming” tells me he knows nothing ab memory management

  23. Halal carts were great cause it was on campus and cheaper than the student center

  24. Wish Criterion would release 4K in the UK - would like to purchase directly instead of paying a premium on imports.

  25. How much of an up charge is it for you guys?

  26. look into certificates! usually just 6 classes total to get one

  27. Definitely certificates! Also an engineering student and I’m doing an ASL one, it’s tons of fun

  28. How is it? Mine arrived to my apartment a few days ago and I’m anticipating getting back and popping it in

  29. i logged in today and was kinda confused, the student info tab wasn’t there for me. just wanted to see if my grad application was accepted lol

  30. You’ve seen EVERY Tarantino movie BUT Pulp Fiction? That’s a feat

  31. I wonder if he was embarrassed when he realized how little Burnett cared

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