1. It's fine, I enjoy it well enough. I'm a fan of the source material and even though there have been changes, I don't think I'm bothered by them. Constantine could be a little more Constantiney but whatever.

  2. My favorite episode was his trip to hell. I seemed to like everything about that: the mild suspense, the tension with Lucifer, the classic wizard's duel (Disney did that in a cartoon, The Sword in the Stone, when I was a kid; this was much better!), the vfx, and the resolution.

  3. Totally agree! It's too easy for the viewer to write off the the Mjalans as totally wrong - I want the viewer to be more easily able to justify their approach

  4. I'm with you. I don't think they answered enough implicit questions, and they could have with the usual fictional dismissal. "Why can't you move to a normal planet?" "Because most of us a genetic link to this planet's lava fumes, so if we leave, we die, or our lifespan is cut in two."--Just a hypothetical example, and not up for debate!!!!! The *idea* is that the stakes needed to be higher for the Majalan side to be more compelling and seem less cavalier. I liked the episode, but I wish it was fleshed out more.

  5. Ep 1-4 had decent world building. I feel like there's something off about Dream's voice.

  6. I found it unwatchable also and FF'd through quite a bit of it after doggedly watching the first 30 minutes. Thing is, I really liked the concept, I just thought the pacing was hellaciously slow. If they'd done it all in 25 minutes or something, or had more going on than repeated "Want some coffee?", I would have been sucked in rather than turned off. But I didn't read the comics, and apparently that crowd loves this ep.

  7. You may already know this, but if not, and if it puts you more at ease, the general advice on international travel is to keep your pills in their original pharmacy bottles, which look official and are less likely to get questioned, vs. putting them in unmarked pillboxes or little bags or whatever.

  8. Generally happy, but I wish the venting was more like 20% of posts and the constructive solutions/options for leaving and how to be happy somewhere else was more like 80%.

  9. Tipping in the USA originated after slavery when black ex-slaves in service positions where either paid $0 or next to $0 and where expected to do a good job in hopes of getting something from the white patrons. That's how tipping started in the US and why it's a uniquely American thing. Look it up

  10. Look it up: certain types of servants in aristocratic homes in England were tipped. It was about service jobs, not slavery.

  11. As a spanish guy, im with all of you… sadly 😓 As this is a very common thing in older generations, One thing I use to do when this occurs is stop walking, stand still, looking at front and you will notice they will move around you. Try it! Take care

  12. This is what I do in the US: stop, hold my ground, don't make eye contact, force them to walk around me like I'm a parked car or something. It always works.

  13. I also like her hair flips in the apothecary after they've dealt with the teenage shoplifters, including Patrick complaining, "Why did I get one?"

  14. Like Patrick's father, I like David, but I don't understand his clothes. :)

  15. The flames add more speed, everyone knows that

  16. Yes, the Americans are out in full force whining about "nanny state"

  17. And when David's son has a night-time oopsie-daisy, at any age, David will be there to support him. :)

  18. I think he was finding a way to leave Rachel. And just liked it there. Ray gave him a room to rent, a job, then he found David and the rest is history

  19. And maybe, just to read into that, he was desperate to leave Rachel behind and reinvent himself somehow, with no specific goal in mind. Hard to do if you move from one end of Toronto to another end, but easier if you pick a small town where you're unlikely to run into anyone you know, ever. And maybe it was just a temporary thing, and David changed the temporary to permanent. Just speculating.

  20. Yep. When I was in a small town, I kept to myself on my property and occasionally checked in with a few neighbors just to see if there was anything they needed (it's good to have a small circle of good neighbors, just in case). Most of the time, it was just me, my dog, a 6 pack and a fire pit. Gossip was EVERYWHERE, so I tried not to hear it, fuel it, spread it or become the focus of it. Once it starts, there's no stopping it.

  21. Moira: "Gossip is the devil's telephone. Best to just hang up."

  22. I always revered her while reading the Lorien chapters of LOTR because of how impressive Lorien felt as a magic kingdom, how wise and insightful everything she said was, and how important all her revelations were: she had summoned the White Council, she could see Gandalf from afar when no one else could, she wore one of the secret Three Rings and trusted Frodo with that secret, and she could read Sauron's mind while preventing him from reading hers.

  23. Maybe question should be: "What advice would you give to serial killers and cannibals?"

  24. Seriously. Listen to Americans: "I moved back to Boston because I could never make any friends in LA." "I moved back to LA because I could never make any friends in Boston." It's everywhere.

  25. When you move here, make sure you have three or four months' rent ready to go as 'key money'. You'll be paying your first and last month up front, in addition to a security deposit and/or brokers' fee.

  26. And misogyny. I love me some older shows like Cheers and Friends but I also recognize just how ingrained male-domination is when I watch them!! It’s disgusting how far we have not come…other women included!!

  27. Speaking of misogyny: I realized I can't think of a single time in 6 seasons when Alexis was slut-shamed. She--gasp!--had sex before marriage, and--gasp!--had more than 1 sex partner, and there's no criticism at all.

  28. It is impressive how the show is funny and entertaining while NOT making standard insult jokes. Other shows would rely on things like:

  29. They're only a happy couple until the dipping sauce winds up too far away from the snacks. :)

  30. If someone could copy + paste that would be great. LA Times requires a subscription. I’ll summarize what I read.

  31. I fully agree with you about learning the local language, but one point the article made is that digital nomads are often truly nomads who don't plan to stay in any country long enough to really master the language, so my guess is this trend will continue worldwide, and it won't just be Mexicans having an issue with it.

  32. This is probably one of the best lines of the show. I love that it's just absolutely nonsensical but he delivers it in a way that makes you wonder - am I a pervert for admiring cherry blossoms alone?! 🤔🤔🤔

  33. Now I can't even go to the grocery store alone without feeling like a pervert. Thanks, David. :)

  34. What, are you gonna walk around, and shop for produce alone, like some pervert?

  35. The shame of it all; parents shielding their children from me; the multiple arrests by the Pervert Police. All for a gallon of milk and some fresh basil.

  36. Alexis is vain. This is part of her character. It’s a joke to illustrate her vanity. Anyone would love a diamond tennis bracelet, but to Alexis it’s another example of how her dad is a bad gift-giver.

  37. I would say she was vain and super-entitled, and she lived in a world where there were all sorts of arbitrary rich people rules. So a diamond tennis bracelet was tacky by those rules, and also offensive to an entitled brat who instead expected her own private jet or yacht or whatever.

  38. Her outfits change dramatically in a lot of episodes too. It's fun to keep an eye out for how she'll look next.

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