1. Ever since I moved to PC raider stopped being a problem, everything he does is so slow, everything everyone does is slow. I highly recommend the switch. Only problem is that you'll have to buy everything again x_x.

  2. I mean unless you're in the 0.1% storming tap and his feints are still unreactable mixups

  3. Was just about to say I fixed it, a mod I forgot I added changed how the camera works while driving. good for driving, not for shooting out the back window.

  4. I feel that warmonger mains are more likely to add lore to their characters than any other main. I’m in the same bot tho lol

  5. This sub has a super funny community in comparison to the other gamer and weeb shit I follow

  6. Yeah, everyone here is usually pretty chill. Then you get people like rendoth. You see all those removed comments? Yeah, most of those are his. Just saying a lot of out-of-pocket shit for no reason.

  7. You said you were going to hack my phone, tit for tat. Plus saying that is completely definitely from telling someone to go kill themselves for being trans. Or trying to say that if you're part of a community you are automatically a pedo and groomer. You are an angry child on the internet following the words of an even angrier and bigoted man-child. You were asked for proof, didn't provide any, then threw a temper tantrum when no one followed you. I, and everyone else here, have had enough of you. And what the fuck is your problem anyway? Mommy and daddy not give you enough love? Did you not get that new phone you wanted? Grow the fuck up, before the world swallows you whole. Not that I care anymore, you'd be more useful as fertilizer anyway. You waste of breath and time.

  8. I mean, he kinda doesn't need one. He is already in a good place with a strong yet simple moveset. Sure, his damage is lacking with how slow he is but he is still a good team fighter with big hit boxes and his hug ganks are pretty strong.

  9. I agree with you on this, I had 60 reps on my Xbox before switching to pc and I already have 20 reps on pc. I had so many cosmetics and it was so sad to see it go down the drain

  10. They won't. They'll do what's politically correct and make everything boring.

  11. I am a Xbox Series X player. I’ve put too many hours into my profile to switch now. How many reps did you leave behind?

  12. I left behind nearly 200 reps, gm, and hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

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