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  1. The way this fight went. It's 85% your fault you died.

  2. I'm not sure why they downvoted you, you are right. I guess people just want to smoke copium then understand their faults.

  3. This is the first time I'm seeing a worm face here and I've beating the game like five times now.

  4. All I can really say is to play her. You'll eventually learn everything there is about her and she will be easier to fight as a result.

  5. I don't like how I know that guy despite not even seeing his name. He is a little bitch that cries about everything that will never learn, just block him and he done with it, he is not worth the headache.

  6. Warmonger, horny, and nothing: they are in a pretty good place as is without being all orange or blue.

  7. If and big IF they are cheating and this isn't some odd connection thing. What's the point? You expect reds to kill eachother for what runes? Just cheat those while you are at it!!

  8. You probably won't stand a chance against conq ngl, dudes a convict, I'm sure he had plenty of fist fights before being gifted a flail.

  9. if your character is shorter than Kylar, you’re doing badly

  10. It's actual Canon, he has dialogue in game wanting to name their kids after anime characters

  11. Now the next step is to turn if the parry timing indicator, then the hud. Got to learn the animations as well.

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