1. Great to hear. What cooler have you paired with that?

  2. Works well? Ive got the noctua nh-d15.

  3. Yeah it's perfect, under load it sits around 55-65 degrees. You have a great air-cooler so I'd say your temps would be roughly the same.

  4. It is commonly known that Userbenchmark is a scam and not reliable in any manner. Try using 3D Mark from the Steam store.

  5. The best suggestion I could give is maybe re-paste the GPU if you haven't recently. Your card won't even hit thermal throttle limits until 83 degrees Celcius. I personally wouldn't worry providing it's staying under 83 on load.

  6. Thank you so much for the reply!

  7. Again, I wouldn't even personally worry about that temp either. I believe 105 degrees is the max temp for your specific card so you're still well within range of that. Short of everything you've told me maybe make a custom fan profile in MSI afterburner and see if that helps at all.

  8. Both those 3060Ti's only have two fan coolers, which I'm personally not a fan of. I'd go with the Gainward 3070, it's a 3 fan, same price as the Asus 3060ti and has around 10% more performance over the 3060Ti.

  9. He has also narrated a huge number of audiobooks, back in the "book on tape" days.

  10. Just wondering what your ethnicity has to do with your build?

  11. Well, different countries have different conversion rates. $1000 USD is vastly different to $1000 AUD. So it helps provide clarification as to what parts he may or may not be able to purchase.

  12. out of curiosity, what GPU do you have that handles everything on ultra?

  13. Can't speak for OP but my 3070 handles everything on ultra 1440p resolution.

  14. I'm still truckin on a 1080 running stuff on mostly medium, but I'm also running roughly 1440p ultrawide resolution so it's a little wildcard

  15. Yeah, ultra wide is quite taxing in 1440p. Good luck with the 3080! Maybe hold out for the 40XX series seeing as you're this close now?

  16. both of those are incredibly overpowered for a teenager’s gaming computer. the r9 is basically a workstation build, and the i7 build is a high-end production build. something like

  17. Even the build you suggested is likely better than what 70-80% of PC gamers are using.

  18. Sure thing, I'd appreciate it! Password set to bleed. I'll be at the entryway stairs near the sight of grace.

  19. Red Dead is a very GPU intensive game compared to the others listed. I personally don't like my GPU's hitting above 80, I believe 83 Celcius is when your GPU will start to throttle itself from potential heat damage. I don't see your temps being too damaging if at all though. Modern GPU's are rated to withstand quite high temps.

  20. I assume you're using an air cooler for your CPU? If so, they're typically mounted so they suck fresh air in from your front intake fans, then exhaust it out the rear into your 1 X exhaust fan. This would be the most optimal setup if this is what you're running. Running it like this also helps push cool air towards your GPU (not sure if you have a GPU or not.

  21. Guys if you can put your signs outside the boss door that would be nice

  22. We got a connection error again, but killed him before it completely disconnected I believe.

  23. What voodoo magic are you using because my mobo takes 5 seconds to boot up and windows on an 970 evo is another 5 sec

  24. I use a 970 Evo too, it's roughly 10-11 with fast boot on and around 16-17 without fast boot for me.

  25. Just reply to this comment with "+karma" thank you OP, and please do the same to one of Chez's comments too.

  26. Mate thank you! I’m definitely underpowered you guys killed them in like 4 hits

  27. Thx ! Ill put my sign just before the door, im making my again again cuz i was poisoned

  28. Hahaha dude you made quick work of them 😂 i laughed thank you so much !!

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