3D meat printing is coming

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  1. True true. I can see we’re the sword could use some work.

  2. The sword? There isn't a straight line to be seen. The line work in general is horrid, her face doesn't align with the chin. Don't get me started on the potato moon.

  3. Cool concept. Question though, is this your own drawing that you had tattooed or did the tattooist draw this up?

  4. Every time I get out of the shower in winter I'm met with "aww look at the cute little guy" as she flings it around with her pinky finger.

  5. Today I learned I have a budget PC. (A budget PC that runs games at 1440p 120+ fps)

  6. Coffee filters? What happened to micro fiber cloths lol

  7. Idle temps are indeed 45c (room temp is 30-35), also while gaming it is indeed 50-75 degrees, however if the game decides at any point to use 50% or more CPU usage, it quickly goes up to 80-90 degrees. Also the temperatures are jumping, for example it reaches 90 degrees, then goes back to 80, then back to 91, then back to 78, so on and so forth. Last but not least, I checked with MSI afterburner for core temps and some cores reach 90 degrees while others dont even hit 80. I really don't know what the root cause of the issue is.

  8. It's perfectly normal for your temps to fluctuate whilst not sustaining a full 100% load. What you're describing sounds a lot like the paste is not covering the entire IHS or the AIO wasn't mounted correctly the first time.

  9. Dude, my wife hangs out in the passing lane and thinks it's ok, so long as she is going roughly the speed limit. I don't know how many times I have to tell her to get over before she understands that. She's otherwise a pretty good driver. But man, any time we travel a significant distance it's an issue. And I hate feeling like a "backseat driver". But good lord, I can't stand it.

  10. Reading your comment made me feel like a passenger in my wife's car. It's so infuriating that she genuinely feels it's "not a big deal" to do. Every time I tell her some people are on the edge of breaking don't be the one to push them off.

  11. Open your window and launch the CD drive out of it then close the window after. Use some isopropyl alcohol and a clean rag to wipe the pre-applied thermal paste off of the coolers plate and the IHS plate of the CPU. Once it is off do another run with a clean rag and some more isopropyl alcohol to ensure both are clean then reapply the paste to the CPU.

  12. I find coffee filters to be perfect for CPU cleaning.

  13. Also wouldn't 3 intakes and 3 exhausts just be neutral pressure?

  14. Yeah but if I did front 2 intake, and the top two and rear as exhaust would that not be negative? :O

  15. Then just don't put the rear exhaust in, just leave the two on top as exhaust.

  16. A toaster can run LoL. In all seriousness a 1060 will be plenty to play that game and many others. It will easily handle all e-sports titles at 144FPS. I'd highly recommend getting a 500Gb SSD, preferably a M.2 if you're able too.

  17. Listen to this advice OP. You're far better off with a 12600K over the 11700KF, even a 12400 would be fine too if you wanted to save some cash. 11th Gen Intel as a whole was a flop and 12th Gen is far superior. Also going this route will require purchasing a Z690 board but that will also support 13th Gen when it drops. Or just buy the 12400 and a non Z board and save even further.

  18. Did you pair it via a USB cable initially? Is it an Xbox controller? Might need a firmware update which can be done via Xbox accessories using a USB cable.

  19. It's a ps4 controller. Sorry that should have been one of the first things I mentioned. Also yes I did pair it with a usb cable, but from that point I see no option to connect it wirelessly

  20. There is a program that needs to be installed for PS4 controllers to work on PC. The program is DS4Windows, I'd give that a try.

  21. I agree that why he’s getting sentenced for possession and not murder.

  22. Under Australian legislation there are 4 criteria which must be met without a reasonable doubt for a jury to convict of murder. I can easily say 3 of those 4 criteria are undeniably proven without reasonable doubt due to this video. The 4th criteria won't be hard to prove with a decent prosecution.

  23. I use the Z623's and have done for over one year now. I have zero complaints overall except they look slightly dated due to the dials on the left speaker. The little sub goes bloody hard and shakes my house at 40-50% volume and the voice clarity is clear.

  24. So the gsync will sync with the game 60fps?

  25. Basically, yes. You'll be able to see your monitor's refresh rate fluctuation with the games frames. So for instance, if you have your monitor set to 144Hz then play a game that's engine capped at 60FPS you'll notice your monitor's refresh rate will be at 60Hz, then once the game closes it will go back to 144Hz.

  26. Great to hear. What cooler have you paired with that?

  27. Works well? Ive got the noctua nh-d15.

  28. Yeah it's perfect, under load it sits around 55-65 degrees. You have a great air-cooler so I'd say your temps would be roughly the same.

  29. It is commonly known that Userbenchmark is a scam and not reliable in any manner. Try using 3D Mark from the Steam store.

  30. The best suggestion I could give is maybe re-paste the GPU if you haven't recently. Your card won't even hit thermal throttle limits until 83 degrees Celcius. I personally wouldn't worry providing it's staying under 83 on load.

  31. Thank you so much for the reply!

  32. Again, I wouldn't even personally worry about that temp either. I believe 105 degrees is the max temp for your specific card so you're still well within range of that. Short of everything you've told me maybe make a custom fan profile in MSI afterburner and see if that helps at all.

  33. Both those 3060Ti's only have two fan coolers, which I'm personally not a fan of. I'd go with the Gainward 3070, it's a 3 fan, same price as the Asus 3060ti and has around 10% more performance over the 3060Ti.

  34. He has also narrated a huge number of audiobooks, back in the "book on tape" days.

  35. Just wondering what your ethnicity has to do with your build?

  36. Well, different countries have different conversion rates. $1000 USD is vastly different to $1000 AUD. So it helps provide clarification as to what parts he may or may not be able to purchase.

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