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  1. Blue Oysters. The whole thing is edible. Just google some recipes. Theres a shitload of good ones.

  2. I've read all of HPL's stories and two biographies on him, both by S.T. Joshi. I'm queer with Jewish ancestors, and I'm critical of HPL's views. That said, I've had way too many people do the gotcha "You know he was racist/homophobic/antisemitic, right?" I answer, "Well, yeah." Often because, at least for me, it's the same people who always bring it up.

  3. I personally feel like it boils down to maturity. At some point, no one should feel like they have to defend or explain a fiction writers feelings or political views who has been dead for almost a century and was certainly another product of their time. He's not the only author whos had their views questioned simply because these were people who wrote their thoughts and beliefs down. Your great grandparents or further probably said some pretty fucked up shit about people who didnt look like them as well, but it was never scribed into history. Its not acceptable and rightfully inexcusable in our time because we've advanced (slightly).

  4. I care because I don't want to sit in my room alone and watch it, I want to watch it with my friends and loved ones - and while I plan to watch (at least season 1) no matter what, the reviews it gets will affect whether or not other other people watch it.

  5. Cmon dude. Are your friends and family really going to not spend time with you because of shithead69 on Twitter or Shane trying to make a name for himself at Variety?

  6. I fully agree, this sub is slowly going to shit and the show hasn’t even come out yet. I do not understand why people on here care so much about what some critics have to say. I mean people are really gonna start having a stroke when they realize that not everyone is going to like HOTD. And I don’t understand the obsession with Freefolk, I mean for starters it seems like a majority of freefolk is actually excited to view it and it’s just a small group that’s negative, but that shouldn’t be a problem that other people have different opinions. I honestly would have forgotten about freefolk if this sub didn’t have them living rent free in their head.

  7. Yeah. I think Im gonna take a break from this sub until after the premiere at least.

  8. That's amazing! I was hoping he would show up at the 25th Anniversary. Or Robert Smith. Or Kanye, that fish loving bastard.

  9. I am a tree hugger through and through, but I agree that a lot of times it pays to have a sidearm especially in the remote wilderness. Being able to defend yourself against crazy people and animals is crucial. That said, I hope to never use it outside of the range.

  10. Absolutely. But if you think your sidearm is going to defend your life against a charging bear, then I've got some sick nerf guns to sell you.

  11. You may be right in some fashion or another. But I'm not in Florida. Travel stats have them relatively close together. Only Florida doesn't try and become their own country every 5 years and hate anyone who isn't a full on Christian. At least in my experience with the two.

  12. Meanwhile their governor fires people for trying to be honest about covid numbers, promotes a "stop woke" act that flies in the face of first amendment rights (but upholds those rights for people on his side), fires a DA over abortion rights, is trying to disenfranchise non R voters in his state, is campaigning for pro Trump candidates in other states, etc, etc. Theres a laundry list of this shit and he also wants to be president.

  13. Desantis is easily the best governor in the country, everything you stated is worded from a one sided view, he fired the DA for not upholding the law.. that's his job.. we don't live in the covid theater down here and are all the better for it, there is a reason people are moving here in droves. Everyone has free speech, but you are not gonna subject children in school to radical gender fluid ideology and still have a teaching job, get that woke shit out of here

  14. The dog is not vaccinated. They claim they received the dog while pregnant (& she had puppies last week) thus nursing & can’t get the vaccine?

  15. Dont ask here dude. This sub is notoriously hostile towards dogs and their owners. If the family is willing to work things out with you, then maybe just do that. This is the last place you'll find a happy resolution.

  16. Have you ever been bitten by an aggressive dog?

  17. Yeah. And I didnt sue, because I wasnt fragile or bent on revenge against the owners or wanted the dog euthanized. OP even thinks its excessive.

  18. Give him a follow on IG and start scrolling back a little. He wouldn’t shut the fuck up about pickles for weeks on end.

  19. Basically trolled "insufferable retards" and they didnt disappoint.

  20. If this is anything like marvel I’m gonna be incredibly upset marvel is what’s wrong with entertainment rn

  21. Yeah? So, how many times are you really going to see Top Gun or Jurassic World?

  22. Dont forget the S&M. "I can feel your anger" -popping a boner-

  23. I have no problem with cyclists, but these gravel cyclists are the worst. At night, they bring gravel ( called 'scree' for you kombucha drinking mountain goats) from the foothills and spread it on the road, so they can ride in their fancy expensive gravel bikes. My Subie tires don't like the gravel. Namaste.

  24. Tell me you dont have wildpeak AT's on your Crosstrek without telling me you dont have wildpeak AT's on your Crosstrek....

  25. It'd be more accurate if there was two of them riding side by side.

  26. Just looks like you need something to watch until Sunday? She Hulk was pretty fun. Watching it again after work.

  27. This is the problem with scores. You end up comparing two absolutely different shows. She-Hulk should not be compared at all with House of the Dragon based on metrics and numbers. One is a fun, slightly quirky and pleasant case-of-the-day legal sitcom, while the other is a medieval fantasy drama. To really see how they compare to other shows you should put them next to tv productions in their respective genres.

  28. Plus, one has been released while the other hasnt.... I dont get people like OP.

  29. Lot of kids in this sub. They seem to really like their polls. OP probably hasnt discovered Sabbath or Maiden yet. Maybe they'll make an "uNdErRaTeD" post next week.

  30. For me, I have to be able to hear something that I like to get something annoying out of my head. If I hear "skater boy" or "uptown girl" at the grocery store, it WILL get stuck in my head. So, I'll have to put something better on when I get back in the car or else Im doomed.

  31. Ween isn't for me. I gave them an honest shot and I just found them consistently irritating. That's fine, not all music needs to be tailored to my specific taste.

  32. There was a lot of hippies there for Ween. They're kind of like juggalos in that regular people tend to not really want to be around them and their weird obsessive style of fandom much.

  33. Theyre not attacking your plant. Just means you have healthy soil.

  34. Gnomes are inanimate objects, not plants.

  35. Eh, if someone wants it bad enough, they will get it.

  36. I’m amazed at the number of crowns coming out of the top… at least seven. Is that typical?

  37. I've seen three like this out of I think 6 or 7. Seems to come down to how healthy or happy the plant is. I have a different ornamental variety. No clue what it is though.

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