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  1. Uzi doing the Uwu face was just too damn cute. Also cool artwork!

  2. She is definitely most prepared. Love ur artwork as always Meerie! ❀

  3. Getting ready to suck all the worker drones di- i mean Oil!

  4. Bro how the hell are u soooo good with that aim? Thats really impressive man.πŸ‘

  5. Hey there, recent poster of the tweet here. I just went through some of the policies of YouTube, i dug a little deeper and ur right. Doesn't seem that Glitch will have their show canceled. Ty for shading some light onto this. πŸ™

  6. Exactly my thoughts! I honestly hate that Youtube is doing this to the platform.

  7. The scarf rlly does fit her, strange how it wasnt shown in the pilot episode. There might be a slight chance she would be wearing it in the next few episodes.

  8. Hey Marsh, so glad ur coming about to do this. I honestly didnt expect you were the new mod, but i know you will try ur best to keep this community well.

  9. I asked the AI about V and it mistakenly took her gender as a male lol

  10. I would want Dom, Brucie, and Baker gone. I just hate when those fuckers always keep on calling.

  11. I like how this guy was kind enough to help u stop rolling over the hills. Unfortunately didnt succeed, but at least he tried.

  12. Vrchat is a cool vr game, but the people you might meet there are rather.. creepy of what they do.

  13. Dont forget that the MD series requires A LOT more work, given how the quality of the show is. This is def something worth waiting for.

  14. Every part of these games and movies were our childhood, the good old days. 😞

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