1. That’s fine. It doesn’t mean that you don’t smell great! I have lots of fragrances and I received few compliments from cheaper ones

  2. Beautiful!! I love perfume in small bottles so much! They’re really convenient

  3. I can assure you that you can definitely get the same thing in the photo if you buy false anime lashes aliexpress sells them also wish etc

  4. The green one is a makeup remover so you supposed to rinse it off not leave it on the skin

  5. Don’t have it but my brain says “too much fragrance “ for my breakout skin

  6. Omg! Back then I had 2 liquid lipsticks from that brand drying af! I used to have Lolita and another one with blue undertone “Santa something” that one really murdered my lips. But I remember that highlighter palette so popular and expensive 😭

  7. I would say it's worth it!! I have it for so long and apart that green one that broke unfortunately, the other ones still have so much product left!!!

  8. I’m a big fan of bb creams! But I have to admit that I can’t live without the mesauda milano bb cream ! It makes my skin so much better it has medium coverage and I always return to her because other bb creams really disappointed me.. they were blotchy and cakey. The only negative thing of this cream that I adore so much is the shade range. Unfortunately not good. But shade fair works for me.

  9. This is exactly why I’m buying samples ! I need to test the whole line to make sure I like the fragrance and not get bored of it so that I’ll go ahead and buy it.

  10. My laptop is dying and I have to remove my ex from tomodachi life 😭

  11. Εμένα μου ελεγε ότι αν δεν κοιμηθώ θα ρθει ο γύφτος να με πάρει

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