1. No, I’ve never really been able to care for myself. Nothing happened or anything like that, and I’ve not experienced any trauma - I’ve had what is arguably a great life with a really supportive family, did great at school, no home troubles, no social troubles, no physical health issues. But as I’ve grown up and come out of the cushioning structure of the education system, my mental health issues have become more prevalent - namely, over the last 5-7 years. Now that I’m an adult in the adult world, I just feel completely out of my depth.

  2. I hope this went through because this is the third time doing this bullshit. It's ridiculous af how you can't comment unless you're "verified". I understand but damn. It's even more ridiculous that you need 2 fuckin weeks just to comment like really? The whole point of Reddit is to be a social media platform. People join this shit for specific reasons. Nobody waiting around 2 weeks to talk about a medical situation like what are these people thinking

  3. Just smoke them. If your really desperate, clean some resin.

  4. Idk tbh I shoulda waited til tomorrow I've already been drinking and smoking a lil lol. Idk what's what. I feel pretty calm and high tho

  5. Because it's not just a machine "excreting" some radiation on a person. It's a bunch of different machines, all of which are expensive and require a certified or licensed (I forget which it is right now) x-ray tech to operate it. The x-ray techs got their skills by going to specialized training and they have bills to pay too, so they expect a reasonable salary for the work they do. And just bc you see one tech doesn't mean that they only have that one tech; typically they probably have a lot more. And also the x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, all of that stuff has to be read by a radiologist who is a person who chose to go to medical school and then specialized in reading x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs and all of that stuff. And they may have one radiologist on staff, but more likely have a couple at least. And these doctors aren't any less expensive in billing than your primary care doctor; in fact are probably more expensive.

  6. Like okay people need to get paid but 10-30k is enough for a house and multiple cars. I understand it's not all going to that one person but damn come on now

  7. But does this make 10-30k justifiable? I mean they have to stand there, press a few buttons, maybe connect some things to someone and someone has to read a sheet of paper with results.. I still don't know about charging tens of thousands to do that but I aint a doctor. It just seems like a way to justify capitalism but not the overall meaning of the tasks at hand

  8. These machines don’t just run themselves for a lifetime after they’re purchased. They use energies that present serious potential hazards to patients, operators, and passerby, which means they need to be operated by trained, qualified personnel, and they need to be inspected and certified regularly. It takes time and money to become a doctor in the first place, and even more to be certified as a radiologist machine operator. The pool of qualified operators is small, so their time is greatly in demand and their time is priced accordingly.

  9. Tens of thousands each time you run one machine is still asinine to me regardless how qualified someone is. I'm not saying they shouldn't get compensated but capitalism is just kicking everyone's ass at this point with outrageous prices

  10. I dont need to post 20 nugs for yall to get the picture what it looks like lol

  11. The entire thread is just disgusting and ignorant. And i hate how other minorities get mad at black ppl for being represented and not at the white ppl who set up the commercial.

  12. This was a fight a few years ago that blacks were underrepresented in tv or in the workplace, why shouldn’t Latinos get to have this fight. Now that’s racist. Yeah it’s a stupid fight but it’s been done before and nobody said anything

  13. Nobody said anything until now lbs this isn't a Latino vs black issue, these are mostly white guys talking about the black culture they've only seen in the ghetto or in media. Saying black people shouldn't or couldn't be represented based on a few ghetto statistics is ignorant

  14. I don't understand how asking questions is racist. Do you want people to never ask them, then come to their own conclusions about race and culture outside their own? What's your solution? Just no one gets to ask questions YOU find offensive?

  15. Bruh.. shut your deflecting ass up. If you're too slow to see the racism behind the responses then you have issues understanding what racism is and that's concerning. Go get triggered somewhere else with your blatant ignorance. Go defend racism and prejudice shit to someone else

  16. Black men and women taking part in race-play porn throughout Reddit also goes hand in hand with that. The amount of groups on here with black women letting men of other races openly degrade for money is sad.

  17. Simply put black or African in the search and you'll see subs on subs of black porn, most of them with more members than actual black subs

  18. I mean it stems from the same mentality of slave masters raping their slaves. Fetishizing is a way to flex ultimate power over someone through sex. Since slavery, white people have viewed black women as, among other things, sex objects. The loudest people on Reddit are maladjusted young white men so there you go

  19. Na the internet is a lot more than just porn. If that's all you see then that's on you ig

  20. No problem. If you discover anything different make sure to let me know. I played through franchise mode three or four times now and it always stops working for me at the All-Star break of the third season. it just won't let me play past the All-Star game. it keeps shutting the entire app down. has this happened to you or anyone else?

  21. I've never actually played through the whole franchise mode. I've done it through simulation, just clicked the last day and simulated everything back a year or two ago before the updates fucked up the configurations (having to tap above the button to activate it, but I learned to open the game, restart the phone with the game running and it'll configure correctly). Plus now I have a modded version with unlimited VC so I don't really have to worry about completing anything I just play lol. I honestly made a super team with all the best players, increased their positions, roles and moves and max stated everybody so tbh I barely play lol might just go back to my original super team without stat boosting and playing through

  22. Kinda stupid how it's getting downvoted. How much of a negative hivey subreddit this gotta be 😂 posted absolutely nothing wrong

  23. Paul Mooney said it best: "Everybody want to be a n#gga, but no one want to be a n#gga."

  24. This post sounds like some trolling from a paid TV subscription service.

  25. Whatever your reddit ass thinks. Nobody gives 2 fucks about trolling you. Nobody gives 2 fucks about you period. Yall not that important

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