1. “ I’m gonna put some dirt in your eye”

  2. I remember 2018 when Lane reached Cat 5 status very close to Hawaii and a lot of people were getting very concerned; interestingly, had it maintained its intensity and turned north when it did, it would have directly hit Oahu at a very powerful strength

  3. This time I’ve decided to go for a pretty dark but also exhilarating story….hopefully it’s enjoyable!

  4. Upvoted OP's post too, for actually being an unpopular opinion (well, unless OP have some frightening boogeyman who lives in their bathroom shower, then maybe not closing the shower curtain and giving it nowhere to hide there might make sense).

  5. Interesting concept! I do think that one minor thing you could improve on is putting in some more details suggesting that the protagonist in this story isn't just some other dog protecting its owner but rather a supernatural being. You mention the serpent tail, but perhaps you could add in some detail suggesting that the robbers got envenomated as the serpent part is venomous? But yeah otherwise interesting concept and great story!

  6. Ooh these are cool! However, I’m more curious as to how humans/ plants/ animals have adapted to these things happening? Like, how frequently do these things happen, and where? Are there causes for these things happening? How long has this been happening for? How have humans changed how they live/ build to accomodate/ adapt to these things? How have plants and animals?

  7. Lava storms typically happen near extinct volcanoes and fault lines (interestingly, active volcanoes never seem to be associated with these events) and aren't exactly that uncommon. Humans have built lava-resistant houses and buildings to compensate for these events, and there are also animals and plants that are able to survive as they have a variety of unique adaptations that allow them to not get burned, stay cool, etc.

  8. There is a thing called "Mudboilers".

  9. Life pro tip: save yourself the trouble by being too poor to fly internationally!

  10. I need someone to photoshop him as Sora from Kingdom Hearts, he’s literally jumping the same way Sora does 😂

  11. I was thinking the Ratatouille movie poster where Remy is pinned to the wall, surrounded by knives

  12. I normally do not do this, but sometimes I would come across a Redditor who is being a complete jerk and making inflammatory comments about others or myself. In those instances, I scope through that Redditor's history just out of curiosity to see what kinds of other shenanigans he/she is up to, what other subreddits he/she lurks on, and to get a better feel for the kind of person he/she is.

  13. Excellently crafted with a perfectly wonderful and chilling ending!

  14. I used the subreddit search function by specific words/phrases. You mean this story?

  15. Sea slugs are so cool. They literally look like they're from some other planet.

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