1. Rodgers played behind Favre for three full seasons. But then got his turn. Love will get his turn.

  2. He likely has a great career as a TV football analyst coming after his playing days. He's very real and personable when he speaks.

  3. I wouldn’t call them the weirdos, I see 90 babies that get to play the game of football for a living and make millions of dollars doing it enjoying life at a different level but I definitely love that you get to see their true and natural personality with each other and not the scripted ones we see in interviews and through the perspective of media

  4. Yeah, Hathaway was being obviously satirical in calling Gone Girl a rom-com. However, it could be considered a black comedy (a dark-black comedy), and looking at it through a certain lens, Hathaway's point might be valid that Gone Girl is a twisted version of a rom-com.

  5. No I mean she was obviously being sarcastic and making a joke. Homeboy here thinks the joke is super subtle tho, but thank god he knows best.

  6. I agree with you. It doesn't require a genius to not have her humor in this case fly over your head.

  7. He’s a toddler, so how old is that in months ?

  8. Melling [maybe]: "I had to fire her because she created a toxic work relationship between us by not simply dying her hair like I wanted her to."

  9. Yeah, all the houses in Australia are already flipped.

  10. He's right that big, visual movies are best for the big screen, but there's nothing wrong with going to the theater/cinema to see a nice comedy or simple drama and make an enjoyable night of it.

  11. Doctor Who and Midsomer Murders: Building the resumes of young British actors for decades.

  12. Yes it is a force play. There is a runner behind him so running back to first base is not an option. The fact that he had previously touched second base would have only mattered if he had passed second base and gone towards third.

  13. Am I wrong, or does it almost sound like they should teach them to intentionally round second slightly before heading back to first just so a tag would become necessary? Although in this case, a tag would have likely been easy to make while they just waited for Lindor to try to get to second.

  14. If he rounded second they could just catch the ball and throw him out at first.

  15. I mean round second before heading back. And if they didn't catch the ball (like what happened in this case), it sounds as if -- according to Yiftathashifta above -- it would then require a tag of Lindor rather than a simple force at 2nd.

  16. From what I could find online, it was sometimes referred to as "the friendly pirate" -- but mostly because it replaced the scowling pirate logo that came before it.

  17. I don't expect him to be a series regular -- at least not anytime soon, considering he'll be on the USS Farragut for a few more in-universe years. It will likely be just a guest role.

  18. I am curious how they will transition between crews, but I do want some seasons of this crew.

  19. Are they transitioning between crews this series? Maybe they are, but if so, I assume it would not be until the end (and not soon).

  20. They really aren't lol they're cousins and they have distinct differences in taste. Nectarines tend to be juicier and sweeter and peaches have a tang to them. A lot of people say they taste the same but I've never thought that.

  21. Peaches tend to be too soft for my liking. I like the crispness and crunch I usually get from a nectarine. It's the same with me for apples; apples need to be hard and crunchy for me to enjoy them.

  22. 36-3 says:

    Today’s peaches are a lot less fuzzy than the ones in the ‘60’s.

  23. Ooof. I hate to say it, but is it possible hockey fans have seen the last of Price?

  24. How fancy could the room be if Grandma didn’t bother covering the sofa in plastic?

  25. Bad game — but 3000th HR ever at PNC, hit over the Clemente wall, on what would be Clemente’s 88th Birthday, with 3000 being a magic number when it comes to Clemente (it’s the exact number of career hits he had). Cool baseball convergence.

  26. 2012, huh? That’s about the time we started wondering what to do with all of those blank CDs since MP3s and flash drives were becoming ubiquitous.

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