1. I bet guys act nervous around you, they just don’t want to get knocked over every time you turn your head.

  2. It’s the profound thing about life. If we truly believed that nothing mattered then surely we’d have no problem killings ourselves?

  3. Imagine being in something like an apocalypse, you don’t know how to drive a truck and then the 9 year old says they can do it no problem

  4. That’s what a female would say Edit: wow I’m dumb

  5. Seriously though, you should tell him that once you die everyone and everything goes on to the afterlife, death is not the end, life is amazing. The fear of death gave me OCD as a child and it lasted all the way up until I was 19 and now in the aftermath of that I spend my time trying to figure out the meaning of it all. Not to scare you or anything, sorry lol. Everyone thinks about death so it’s not your fault, it’s not like you screamed ‘everyone’s gonna die and nothing matters’ at him lol, just some dwell on death more than others I guess.

  6. Ironically you've just absolutely killed me with this comment 🤣

  7. Don’t be stupid, led is much too heavy to float

  8. One of the best " angle of attack ' to the problem seems to be the difference between synesthetes and "normal" people. This may help us to get some traction on the "correlates of qualia".

  9. If there are aspects that go beyond information, then what language can such aspects be conveyed in? (because surely information is the only language that humans can use to convey knowledge?

  10. You decimated a poor war-torn village’s only supply of milk and left the meat to attract the ghouls. May your death not be chort.

  11. Minus the glasses yeah. Don’t get me wrong Emma Watson did rlly well but she was… too perfect although that might just be due to the director

  12. JK Rowling admitted the main 3 characters were all too good looking, especially Hermione.

  13. So basically the primordial soup created a god, which then thought it’d be a good idea to create the world as we know it?

  14. Sort of. The theory is more like the primordial soup made biomolecules and they joined together because it felt good, which drove the creation of all of life.

  15. Haha damn that’s wild, but I’m open for anything, fun to think about!

  16. Past is (by current theories) not infinite. Time can be only described with change, and change in nature is usually movement, be it electrons spinning around atoms or quantum particles doing something or whatever. If there's nothing at all or there's nothing that changes, you can't observe time.

  17. Also if we’re to say it popped from nothing, doesn’t that mean the universe has always existed. There’s nothing that came before it, that means what it means: there was nothing preceding it and so the universe has existed forever.

  18. I guess it just doesn’t reconcile with my own understanding of time. I cannot fathom time not existing. Also I struggle to see the connection with it being unobservable and thus nonexistent. Time seems like a backdrop that allows things to change, not things changing being the causation of time.

  19. Can anyone tell me where about in America this is, out of interest?

  20. The third one doesn’t, “behind the pile of rubbish” isn’t a clause with a subject and verb

  21. Thank you, I think I understand. I was simply just looking for the sentences which could be split up into parts that didn’t make sense on their own. So ‘behind the pile of rubbish’ wouldn’t make sense on its own, but it’s not even a clause, so I shouldn’t even consider it?

  22. I really don’t understand what you’re trying to say or how it relates to the relevant objection.

  23. If Descartes is trying to prove that perception is ‘real’ then we should start by defining ‘real’? My definition would be real is that which is not an illusion, meaning that which is a kind of bedrock of reality.

  24. Yeah sorry that all went over my head. Are you just basically relenting to the scepticism and saying we can’t know we aren’t being deceived?

  25. Yes I’m saying that I’m not aware of any philosophy at the moment that proves perception real, maybe there’s some philosophy to do it, but Descartes argument doesn’t suffice (although admittedly I haven’t gave much thought to it, the fact others have already refuted it, strengthens my initial assumptions)

  26. Have you considered that consciousness is just you stopping in to observe? The person who lives in the moment exists outside of time.

  27. Could u elaborate why living in the moment is outside of time?

  28. It’s cool to imagine how ‘good’ the brain could get, I guess evolution is the only driving factor behind how a brain is built. It’d be cool if in the future we could hack our brains and make ourselves into what we want. Perhaps instead of going to school we’d just be able to upload knowledge in seconds lol!

  29. Honestly you’re really pretty, you just have bad skin and the light on the second picture is making it look worse than it would be irl, so I’d ignore some of these comments because imo you’re way better than just average!

  30. It's the allure of the taboo, but I agree with you vaginal and oral are far superior.

  31. Lost my virginity and smoked for the first time at fourteen and drank for the first time at a family party when I was eleven. It really does suck - it makes me so sad that people feel BAD about not doing those things, kids are in such a rush to grow up. Like just enjoy being a kid while you can, you’ll regret it when you’re older

  32. Even in our ‘limited’ Color perception, there are an infinite amount of Colours between them. Sure we as humans we struggle to discern between infinitesimal differences but the science tells us that the difference is there.

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