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  1. The drybrushing really makes them pop! And those weapons kits are nice, I need to get me some of them…

  2. Thanks! The Valaverse Action Force weapons are a good $$ deal compared to the Grid Iron Studios weapons. I like both, though.

  3. I’m a macro economics nerd and feel as if I have some understanding of what the big picture is when it comes to pricing of certain goods and services. I love this figure line, but I don’t buy everything.

  4. The ONLY thing I don't like about a B.A.T. having a mini gun for an arm is there's no belt feeding it ammo...

  5. Yeah. It’s as non-sensical as the stock Hasbro flame thrower attachment that seems to have hose connectors…but no hoses to connect to. Oh well.

  6. Thanks. I’m impressed how well they fit. Happy painting.

  7. Looks awesome! I dig the paint on those boots!

  8. Thanks. There was a lot in that sculpt that I felt wasn’t being highlighted, like the toe cap, which looks as if it was meant to be metal, as well as the soles of the boots. I wanted to bring all of that to the surface more.

  9. These look great. Can you share the links on where you got the accessories?

  10. Congrats. Best version of red costume Daredevil (comics) to date, IMO.

  11. Idk why but I have a gut feeling a new daredevil is gonna be revealed on Wednesday lol

  12. Maybe, but this is still a cool set. I love mine. All of the sculpts are great.

  13. This is fantastic. I love how Beach Head is wearing his beret a very “slack” way.

  14. Wild. Hopefully this means we’re not any close to Skynet being real.

  15. I’m super excited for this figure. I love the Steve Ditko comics and definitely think a figure that depicts his interpretation is awesome. This does that well.

  16. Exactly what I was thinking. Funny how they’re as threatened by her as much as those so-called “patriots” (seditionists) who attacked the capital are.

  17. Me too. I know what complaints are, but I really like the sculpt, and looking back at the 1980s issues, especially around the time the X-Men were in the Outback, this sculpt feels right to me.

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