1. Pace probably. Looks to be a very decent offensive CDM, it's just a hassle to fit him into the team due to only CB position.

  2. Its rather easy man, 5221 and move him to midfield for a 4321

  3. No shit Sherlock lol...like everyone has good LWB for that. That's why it's not easy to fit him in lol.

  4. If you don’t have a good lwb in late march I got news for you son

  5. I haven’t ever packed any type of icon. Played since fut 11. It’s insane😂

  6. Anyone saying other than the first option has never played with the first option

  7. Alisson makes mistakes more often than not. Most keepers that do a decent job are known for it, this ain’t one of em

  8. We are all saying this and the doing these again

  9. Didn’t do a gamble sbc after baby kean and base Kuyt in October

  10. I think the final should be either between Daemon and Aemond or Rhaenyra and Alicent

  11. Alicent should have been the first to golol

  12. Amazing character. Moves mountains for those he loved and really stands for his ideals.

  13. Help? You want help? Don’t do this next time. It’s so dumb. Hope I helped.

  14. Bedankt voor de herinnering, ik word er racistisch van

  15. 90 llorente is a beast, know it’s neither of those leagues but small heads up

  16. Rivaldo is rated 2 higher at 93 but I’m struggling to see how. As someone who loved Rivaldo in his 2002 heyday I really want to do this but I’m struggling to justify the expense when I already have Stoichkov.

  17. Face stats are a lie. 91 Messi vs 92 mbappe. Tell me that +1 doesn’t feel way better

  18. That’s what you deserve when this is how you treat people, hope she finds someone better. Learn from this mistake.

  19. If it counts for you then yes. Don’t listen to all the naysayers

  20. Nobody knows because the market is unpredictable, just wait and see. Maybe you even pack him. There’s no point in trying to predict something like this.

  21. The only player in your team I have faced in the past months is that Casillas card.

  22. Clearly between Iraq and Jordan. “Ivory Coast” is just a visual glitch.

  23. Ik weet nog dat ik in groep acht een eindfeest had en m’n vader vooraf zei “geen Breezers drinken he”. Ik had geen idee wat ie bedoelde😂.

  24. Retired him when Jairzinho came. No other player could have benched him.

  25. Brolin, somehow my nemesis since day 1. Not even that great, it just happens. Otherwise Al O.

  26. hello guys 😃 no more posts about having characters piss on you thanks 😘😘

  27. Dear fucking God THC 2 was such a sickening movie. The first one was fucked until a certain poin but the second one was next level.

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