1. I hope Deshaun’s testicle explodes like in Blitz the League.

  2. Well yeah. CMC probably got injured on lighter hits before.

  3. This is how he defended himself, a direct quote, I think it was either here or on

  4. Yet they all have the same god. And share some prophets with each other. What a joke of a human. Imagine hating someone for their religious beliefs in 2022.

  5. Fuck Ticketmaster. They’re all frauds but fuck you Ticketmaster the most.

  6. Yeah but we have no strikers. 🙃 Jimenez hasn’t been the same since the head injury. Fabio killing it Belgium but no recall clause. And that’s about it. If we get a solid striker in before the end I can see us challenging for Europa league spot.

  7. I was at that game and I thought it was a clear TD as soon as it left Mac’s hand. No clue how Hyde managed that one.

  8. Hard to imagine never seeing her at an event again. Big lost to the game of tennis.

  9. I use to watch his content awhile ago. Not sure how he is still alive tbh.

  10. Seems like he was finally getting some positive results. My man can’t catch a break.

  11. If they could sign a cheap 1 year deal. I’d be about it. Could help down the stretch. Especially if we have any injuries along the way. Doesn’t deserve a whole lot of cash because 1. He won’t play a lot. 2. Chasing a ring.

  12. This is EXACTLY what I wanted from the beginning. Lets go. Seems like a little bit of a middle ground between what we have now and a dome.

  13. Be a dual citizen with multiple passports. And not have this issue.

  14. How observant Tre was and getting the jump ahead of everyone for the block. Love these guys and hope 27 is healthy! Go Bills!!!

  15. Had his eyes locked on Lamar the entire time. Love it.

  16. Are you kidding me? How on earth would a 4.0 even have the tiniest prayer of winning a game off any pro let alone NADAL??

  17. Brah lol not a chance. A realistic goal would be a game and even then I wouldn’t bet on it.

  18. I do not care. I hope he pulls out of everything lol

  19. I don’t think the pats are finishing second this year.

  20. What’s with the lamar slander? He threw 78 touchdowns in 3 years as a full time starter.

  21. Probably not the best metric to state. That averages out to 26 a year. Pretty average number of TDs.

  22. Ok so he’s an average passer and legendary runner. That’s a great qb imo

  23. I agree. I’m just saying you should have used a better metric for him.

  24. Haha no. I hope these never see the light of day again.

  25. All these black helmets are meh. Except maybe Carolina. Those cincy white helmets though. 🔥

  26. Really? I honestly don’t like them. I would hate them if they made a decent throwback helmet.

  27. I’ll watch this game back someday. Only after we win the super bowl. If we win this game, I don’t think anyone stops us.

  28. Allen’s deal already looking fucking amazing for the Bills.

  29. In fairness I thought the Bills got a good deal from the jump. But seeing contracts like this just cements it was a great deal for both parties.

  30. It definitely did. But the more QBs that are signing contracts now. It just gets better and better.

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