how was all of this calculated

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  1. I immediately tossed a screen protector on the display

  2. Because the screen gets abused by being put in and out of your pocket, right?

  3. More like my GF and any rings she is wearing hitting the screen, metal cups and water bottles in and out of the car that might hit it or nick it. Just a precaution

  4. My Favourite band and my Favourite football team in the same post? What is this, a crossover episode?

  5. Just pointed out something that wasn't talked about. :)

  6. Going to have the mute button ready anytime I hear it on tv!

  7. Doesn’t look too hard, it’s not…rocket science 😉

  8. I hope this doesn’t affect the goat head coming back

  9. What did they drop under the car? I once heard a loud noise as I was backing out of my parking spot after a few days at the airport, only to find what looked like a crushed beer bottle, like someone had placed it by a wheel on purpose and I didn’t see it.

  10. When I pulled out the spot later on it appeared to be a reusable water bottle

  11. You need a new mobile charger. This happened to me in the past and I got it replaced via a service appointment. Basically when the T is red like that you aren’t able to charge as fast as expected

  12. I have the same problem and have ever since March 2021 when I got my Model 3.

  13. The tile is cold and I can barely speak about this post

  14. That is a month old software wise idk.Lr suppose to have the same speakers as P I thought

  15. This happens to me ALL THE TIME. Have to hard reset with the steering wheel buttons. The immersive sound and the sub adjustment disappear on me. Been happening for months, wish it was fixed

  16. I heard there were too many Obstacles in their way to play it live

  17. I received 16.1.1 late yesterday evening, then 16.1.2 an hour later. First time seeing back to back updates that were fewer than days apart. Was curious…

  18. That’s happened to me in the past. When that did happen, I saw posts on this thread of people having issues that I wasn’t, so seems like hot fixed that get rolled out to select drivers

  19. You’re missing an O ring on the trunk. Mine is missing too. Service center told me they’d set up an appointment to fix it during a separate appointment, just didn’t have the part at the time. It’s a recall according to the mobile service guy, so any potential issue you have with your trunk id hope would be covered

  20. I drive with my eyes closed and purely rely on vibes. Other it is

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