Found out I‘ve been dating my father for almost four months

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  1. You have the power to make people feel slightly irritated just by saying this word at any time

  2. i wouldlve liked to see Jason and Michael actually fight more, instead of chasing down two victims. One was fine but the other wasnt necessary. They couldve had more combat instead of showing the guy run then get in a car, then get attacked

  3. No. TNT just takes him every Wednesday to work nationally televised games. Its so fucking stupid, but its not our choice

  4. thought i was tripping for a second. still shifting gears from baseball to hockey mindset lol

  5. Miles Morales vs Static Shock was a good episode, but I personally like Miles more, so i gotta be biased here

  6. well seeing as how im in a conservative family, as a socialist liberal, im going to cry

  7. I thought you didn’t need the permanently kill the other person just kill them long enough to have them be dead for like a couple of days or something

  8. Or Ballin Is A Habit. Ive yet to get anything useful from those

  9. My mother called Dungeons and Dragons a cult. Mind you, this was because i checked out a book from the library about how to play the game, but as soon as i got to the car she told me to go return it

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