BBBY Megathread for August 18th, 2022

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  1. I would hit up some stand alone dealers and see who handles their wholesale. Tell them to call you if they plan on selling a car at the auction that needs some work you prefer to do to it and maybe you can save them on the cost of transportation and the auction fee.

  2. he had a lot to say for a guy who maybe won 1 of those 3 reps. Interesting

  3. Remember at end of day it’s a Kia..and when markets stabilize Kia’s go down and down fast.

  4. Telluride, Seltos, Carnival, new Sorento were all getting MSRP++ before the pandemic

  5. He would be top 5 but top 5 coaches don’t lose games with 13 seconds left

  6. Ask them how much over MSRP you can pay to take your outside financing lol. Its a sellers market

  7. Ekeler - Kupp - JJ assuming some PPR variant. I’ve seen most drafts going Taylor CMC Henry that I’ve been in

  8. Just a random 2 cents to add in here when looking for dealers that aren’t charging markup. Was looking for a Telluride. My dad lives near Tampa and had one of these dealers near his house. They were charging straight msrp. It would have been worth it for me to spend a few hundred and fly down and buy there instead. I called and was immediately shut down on purchasing from them because they had decided that their dealership would not sell any cars to anyone out of state. Read on their reviews after that even in-state people who traveled 2 hrs to get there were sprung with a surprise $2k fee for being “out of their preferred location”. Some of these dealerships are unreal.

  9. No point doing a Telluride deal to someone who is gonna spend $0 in service and parts at MSRP. There is actually zero benefit to selling one at MSRP for the minimal $1200 profit when people just flip them for thousands of dollars profit to Carmax.

  10. I notice that you’re short shifting through the lower gears and will often shift from 2nd - 3rd with no increase of revs. Is this to mitigate wheel spin?

  11. Yea typically you want to shift 1-2 gears higher than the recommended gear in this game coming out a corner. Downshifting for engine braking then immediately getting back to 3-4

  12. Lol I can’t believe you regards thought this wasn’t going to happen.

  13. Idk but I firmly believe 2K is devoid of a skill gap altogether

  14. in 2k20 you never lost to bum in the park. 21 and 22 a whole different story. I cant count the number of games a team goes 7/9 from 3 with ZERO Greens half of them contested and I brick a full bar for game. That isnt skill its a god damn number generator.

  15. this is why 2k needs to get rid of whites and only allow you to make shots from greens this removes the rng aspect in 2k. that creates a skill gap and not praying on your hands and knees for 2k to bail you out. so many play shots would be ass if they had to green shots

  16. id be fine with a pure green window and no full bars

  17. Get to keep 2. Conner (7) Deebo (7) Dobbins (11) Akers (13). I have picks 1.5, 1.6, 2.17 and 2.18 before nothing until the 5th.

  18. I was leaning Deebo and Dobbins just because of the round value on the 11th for a teams RB1. Also I dont have another 7th so I could only keep 1 of Deebo and Conner

  19. James new contract ends at the same age Poyer is right now. That’s about all you need to know

  20. Bears and falcons should struggle to get 3 wins

  21. 19 was the last year with the old archetype builder, and any build could shoot. You’d have a 40s-50s 3pt and could still hit shots with a certain base, I want to say it was Amateur 8.

  22. in 21 current gen you needed a 85 to be a sharp, anything in the 70s was more inconsistent than a 50 in 22

  23. Feel bad for everyone saying that it’s possible but if you want to be last. The last 2 places i was before getting out of the business encouraged you to take your day off. Everyone helped out with a customer if someone was off knowing it would come back and benefit them in the future. Everyone typically worked around 42-45 hours. No Sunday.

  24. Insane to me that someone as good as Crowder could get cut. Hes very good. I'd say if Spector keeps playing like he did, plus Andre Smith is suspended for 6 games, he could make the team.

  25. Yea he is but hes been hurt and Shakir has flashed. I have Diggs, Davis, McKenzie, Shakir, Hodgins as making it right now. You are getting one of Gentry, Crowder, and Kumerow for sure. That leaves Stevenson on the outside because he seems to always be hurt as well. Crowder getting cut is def a longshot now that I type this out, but if they go with 6 WRs and like what Gentry or Kumerow bring to ST he could be the odd man out.

  26. I don’t think it likely that Crowder doesn’t make the team. I think the last spot comes down to Kumerow and Hodgins. I think it really depends on if Hodgins can make up enough ground on special teams because I think he’s a better offer pensive threat at the moment.

  27. My only thinking is that they don’t have really anything on the outside behind diggs and Davis. Hodgins is a boundary and they can put shakir and McKenzie in the slot. Crowder is just a slot only

  28. The decision to throw with 30 seconds left against KC in week 3 on 1st down at the 20 in a tie game and give Mahomes the ball with 30 seconds was a whopper. He showed what he can do with 13 seconds. They just got lucky despite that being a dumb ass move. They could have easily ran the clock down and had a chip shot for the win

  29. How do your correlate lap Time with ai level ?

  30. The website does it for you based on AI lap times. I’m in the 80s and 90s now really wanna get my times to atleast 100

  31. too many fanatec fanboys here. Availability aside its not even as good as a moza or a simagic. Both of those should easily be 1a/1b

  32. Why were you going that Much slower down the straight there?

  33. I would say roughly 50% of new cars were sold at a front end loss before dealer kickbacks at the end of the month... Some mfg have big stair steps like CJDR, Kia, and others. Toyota is one that does not so those were likely profitable. I know many dealerships would lost $200K on the front end just to get $240K back at the end of the month if they hit their number. Such a dumb, stupid, fucking brutal business model.

  34. His brother pulled the trigger and he was also right there in the melee.

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