1. I think there are some major titles missing. But you'll get there eventually

  2. For example The Boys, or Hellboy. But that is depending on taste, not musthaves

  3. I've got the first omnibus of the boys! I'll look into hellboys a bit

  4. Rayman legends (it's very annoying) and cars 3

  5. Well I guess I'm never going to Disney world again

  6. I know we haven't talked in ages but I promise I don't hate you and I'm here if I can do anything to help you. I know a lot of people here care about you

  7. Idk but my girlfriend says in doing some of the time and I don't even realise

  8. I'm doing alright, how about you???

  9. that’s great🙂👍 and i’m doing alright i guess❔i was sick for the past two days though 🙁

  10. I think I'll stick with 3, 2 isn't on sale

  11. I was expecting people here to say that

  12. You need to communicate that you like it to her

  13. Rayman legends, it's just taking soooo long

  14. yes you've been very nice to me, and i've had good conversations <3

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