1. Taking out contrast paints and colours that don't cover nicely (i assume you dont have an airbrush), the only option is either a metallic tone, black or i'd recommend the phoenician purple as your primary tone with gold trim. But honestly if you can afford/have a Titan i'd recommend buying a couple paints and do the color scheme you want.

  2. Perfect! Just wanted to confirm the supposed usage. They are going to be useful for Mordheim too! =D

  3. I dunno, diamond-plate pattern metal sheets in mordheim sounds pretty heretical.

  4. I really think the dark skin and the dark of the armour and the black leather all needs to be highlighted in a way to make them look different, I find that problematic with the classic salamanders scheme. Your paint work and highlighting is nice, really like the green armour.

  5. https://taleofpainters.com/2020/11/tutorial-how-to-paint-flames-and-fire/

  6. it's definitely SSZ, as others have said the ruleset is a lot simpler and doesnt come with the baggage of the GW price tags. Not to mention SSZ can be played as a team against the enemies so that's a lot easier to get your wife to play WITH you.

  7. If you have a reliable group, the rise of fenris campaign is probably the most fun you have can playing scythe. Otherwise everything is only if you feel like you're really running out of content. Maybe the extra encounter card pack is nice for variety and the invaders from afar clans are interesting but very different to the main 5.

  8. The rules seem pretty mediocre, a triple for a conditional extra movement, their reaction is not amazing and a 100pt fighter with 3" move... I do want to see what that Tzeentch turkey in the first picture is!

  9. You could stay playing bid games, where you lay out faction & player matt combos and players bid a portion of their endgame score to use the combo they want. presumeably the Rusviet faction will be the most wanted and disadvantage that player's score slightly. i've seen bids up to 20 or 30 points off the endgame score in competitive games to secure the strongest faction.

  10. You've got some coverage issues, on his visor for example I'm not sure if it's supposed to be black or white? I love teal as a color, would recommend you layer the paint further to get solid coats where you want a certain color.

  11. Wow i did not expect Grizzly memes in Grimdank, he is the true Bloatlord tho.

  12. These are all fun and games until your fly too close to the sun doing something dumb and the sheath comes off and you lose a layer of palm!

  13. i think fitted kydex sheaths like that are pretty standard on neck-knifes; it needs pressure on a pretty specific place thats very unlikely to happen if worn under a shirt.

  14. Really nice just consider putting a wash or something on his left shoulder bandage to darken it because that white/blue is very light and it fights the OSL as a feature bright point of the model IMO

  15. The model looks nice, im not sure the OSL totally sells as it looks quite dark in that shoulder area not like there's any light coming out of the flame.

  16. This is highly heretical, very cleanly done!

  17. Sharpshooter and medic units would also be worth building. if you're playing a lot of gallowdark maybe the flamer as your second gunner otherwise plasma 100%.

  18. I would base white, spray yellow, use masking tape to mask off the areas you want to stay yellow, spray yellow AGAIN along the edges of the tape (this is to prevent any other color from leaking in at the edges, any gaps under the tape will get filled in with the yellow paint) then spray white and then blue (so your light blue doesn't look like green).

  19. If OP's still reading: I think just varnish in between the yellow spray & the masking to ensure it doesnt pull any paint up. and I suggest all these are the very FIRST steps so metals and everything detailed is painted on after establishing this base-coat.

  20. I liked the large flat surfaces of the original box ruins terrain, for a game about verticality the single rope-bridge and tiny platforms of this new terrain dont allow for many skirmishes on terrain.

  21. I strongly think the gold base distracts from the model especially with you painting NMM. a plain black base might help bring the focus upwards. i like the blend on the cloak from hot yellow down to dark purple.

  22. I would think the people on this forum are in the top 1% of fashion shoppers in terms of self-awareness and purchasing decisions. I'd be very concerned about using our input as representative of anything near an average fast fashion shopper who probably arent aware of anything beyond the price on the tag (especially not stuff like environmental impacts).

  23. this'll sound weird but I do like this 'clean' style of nurgle. the sculpts are really nice but sometimes they disappear under layers of texture paint, grimdark, special effects like goo or blood. But with the edge highlights, nice blends and bright colors it looks awesome well done. One thing i'd suggest is drop some dark wash in the 'pits' in the armor especially the weapon, shoulder and legs. It will help with a bit more contrast on the piece - See in the GW paint scheme theyre a dark brown on the green and i think look nice:

  24. Good looking model, nice use of complimentary colors! You should pop a piece of paper or something behind in future photos, he's a bit hard to appreciate with the stuff in the background.

  25. sorry for the necro-post but holy hell these are beautiful, bro

  26. I had someone argue with a 3 year old post i made the other day, so this is definitely not necro! Appreciate the compliment I am very proud of these guys now I just need to play a game with them!

  27. They need to make it all purchasable and make crafting free (obviously with harder crafts) cause if you can just afford it You should be able to buy it and risk it when you drop

  28. I strongly disagree, crafting being the gateway to specific gear is really important because from what i've seen money becomes no issue halfway through a season with most regular players sitting on millions of dollars. I think it's quite clever that no matter how Pro a player is, they still have to mine veltecite and kill rattlers to get blue armor for example.

  29. The main thing I would recommend is do another coat or two, a lot of your light colors like yellow or red have not fully covered the black undercoat. I like your strong color choices i think the models are well composed color-wise but many of the areas are not a solid coat.

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