1. Alcoholics tend to gravitate towards each other which reinforces denial. All my friends do it, so it can't be that bad

  2. You need a break before you try to be friends. Keep your distance for a while

  3. OMG you are all going to get toxoplasmosis! Get rid of them any way you can!

  4. You got to wait and not try to contact her. Keep dating other people and maybe she will hit you up when she's ready

  5. Your mom! I shouldn't have done it because of the herpes, but I'mma slut, so...

  6. If you allow her to monkey branch over to you, you are stuck with her. I predict things will go badly if you allow this to happen. Let her get her life together and date someone local. If she's single next year you have a chance

  7. Sorry, I live in mentor and I love it. In thirty years Florida will be unlivable BTW. If I met someone who told me they didn't want to stay in my area, I wouldn't get involved with them

  8. Three times a week. If we lived together it would be every day at least! 🥰

  9. So many contradictions in your story. Especially the last line. You shouldn't have big conflicts this early and with so little reason. Probably not going to get better

  10. In the early stage of relationship you can get blinded by hot sex. That's how I took it. Also, coming out of divorce and being depressed makes you overvalue the new person.

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