1. This sub's ability to produce some of the worst things to ever graze the internet, while still being fully ironic, is honestly amazing.

  2. I see at least two Jews in that image, this is just like the Holocaust except made by obese terminally online game developers

  3. געשאלטן , בײזע , אנטיסעמיטן

  4. A bike could just as easily pull that trailer😡

  5. Agree, trailer should be pulled by a bike or train so It's safe for the ppl

  6. very based, but why this video's quality looks like It was recorded 2006 phone camera lol so Idk what the signs say

  7. Can the mods remove this post? It’s kind of a cesspool.

  8. This is both creepy and funny, good example of how distressing memes should look

  9. Wait, wouldn't burning a building make more smoke than 10 actual sports car races? What about the environment Lol

  10. that's pretty cool ngl but I'm talking about bright skinned jewish majority and not dark skinned jewish minority

  11. You’re not required to be white in order to be Jewish. White Jews (or, those who appear to be white) may have white privilege in some contexts.

  12. It's still stupid, like jews were punished in history and still are in some countries from ethnic and religious perspective, so saying that they are white priveleged, is saying they can easly achieve stuff thanks to (mostly) bright skin color, which is not true because jews worked really hard to achieve success or couldn't do anything better than working on farm or cleaning public areas (like in USSR and Russian Empire)

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