1. I’ve been very happy with the Rokblokz XL Long mudflaps on my Sasquatch. Just a heads up mudflaps won’t block all the splash, especially if your tires are wide.

  2. Do they keep the prison aspect, or do they have to ditch pieces of it for being multicolor?

  3. Doesn’t really run prison elements, just focuses on jamming the initiative 4 drops or Minsc and Boo early with spirit guides and other fast mana. Also runs Mawloc as a scaling removal spell.

  4. I've been using GameGenic Matte Prime sleeves for several events now. Lower price point than Dragon Shields and they shuffle really smoothly. They fit well with Perfect Fits from personal experience.

  5. Big agree on Gamegenic. You can usually find them for like $5-6 a pack on Miniature Market. Since they are so cheap it doesn’t really feel bad if any rip, which honestly doesn’t happen too often.

  6. I had RokBlokz on my Subaru for 7 years and they held up great so I ended up sticking with Rokbloks and got the XL ones for my Basesquatch. Highly recommend, super sturdy plastic that still has a bit of flexibility.

  7. Ah yes you are totally right, I don't understand why Murktide and Yawgmoth and Amulet and Living End and Rhinos and Hammer Time and Creativity don't run Companions! It's basically free right?! They just need to cut say, 50% of their cards for worst options and they'd be golden. Nothing beats a +1 that only needs you to sink 3 mana proactively at sorcery speed into it.

  8. Isn’t it obvious? Rhinos clearly needs to cut Crashing Footfalls to run Keruga. Deck is already tier 1, probably will be too good with that 8th card!

  9. It was 5 at Time Spiral release. Magic used to have a built in player rewards system called cheap standard cards. Now it has a player extortion system

  10. Only the real OGs remember when Black Lotus was $20. Imagine not playing in ‘93 to afford vintage today.

  11. Openable in set/collector boosters, I believe in the same slot as the old border artifact cards.

  12. Pretty sure they’re the same as the Innistrad Stranger Things cards. Openable as a list card in set boosters. They were weighted pretty heavily too, so you saw them quite often.

  13. I find Fable of the Mirror-Breaker to be way better than Spyro. Much easier to cast on curve and it fixes your mana if you get attacks in. Fury is also super good in Jund and def worth playing.

  14. Nice! Did you add the door graphics on the Bronco or were they stock?

  15. Looks like a first edition to me, they come stock with those graphics!

  16. Lucky for you Flipside Gaming is right in Clifton Park! I used to play there weekly and there was always a pretty good turnout (this was back in 2019). They have a second location in East Greenbush if you want to play more than once each week or to change things up.

  17. I’m glad Scales is getting attention but this article probably could’ve used a proofreader/editor.

  18. I’ve always been a big fan of [[Animation Module]] and [[Llanowar Reborn]] as a grinding engine and as individually good cards. This engine definitely got much weaker with the printing of Prismatic ending, which the deck is already very soft to.

  19. how do you guys come up with great posts like this one, damn

  20. Good build choice! Manual puts all builds in a tough spot. If you wanted the mid package or higher with stick, you need to get a Badlands at minimum (so 42k min). Big Bend really only gets you a leather wrapped steering wheel and the option to add signature lights, which probably isn’t worth the extra 4-5k over the base IMO. Black Diamond and Badlands are the only trims that have MGV seats and washout flooring. Outer Banks and Wildtrak can’t come in manual so those are knocked out.

  21. How did you order a base manual Sasquatch?? I thought you have to get the automatic with Sasquatch?

  22. They added the option for 2022 after they saw the demand for it! It’s the best bang for your buck on the base!

  23. Has anyone else has done this? Specifically on a Base wondering if you can wake up all G.O.A.T modes

  24. You can unlock them all using ForScan and an OBDII cable to your computer. Keep in mind this can provide deniability to warranty claims if that’s something you’re concerned about.

  25. I’m in the same boat as you. I choose to stick with the 33s because the pricing on the Sasquatch for manuals is a bit messed up. The price of the automatic transmission is baked into the cost of the Sasquatch, meaning you end up paying $1600 for something you don’t even get!

  26. The biggest reason to go from Base to Big Bend is the availability of the Mid Package IMO. If you don’t care about that I would just stick with base.

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