1. I think Phyllis is going to die. She is not mentioned in this article but is someone close to Sonny that they haven’t been giving much screen time to.

  2. What if the intended victim at The Bar was Phyllis. That would definitely affect Sonny

  3. I just LMAO at Josh’s death scene. That was straight up comedy.

  4. The part when he escaped and Murphy was slashing around while he was silently standing in the background killed me. 😭😭😭

  5. Yes and just hopping around but her spidey senses not hearing. Absolutely hilarious

  6. Valid points. Rory wasn’t at the bbq right ? Did he come to the crime scene ? I can’t remember. The only thing I don’t understand is why because Ava and Joss both support Trina dating him over spencer.

  7. I know it's been discussed before but I feel in my gut the writers knew the chance of them getting canceled was very probable and decided to say screw it and ruin the season for fans as retaliation to them being out of this job.

  8. This version of Carly is the star and center of the show, who is in 75% of the scenes, and allowed to commit crime free of any consequence. Losing the hotel was the only bad thing that has happened to her due to her actions. And the show blamed that on Nina.

  9. I agree with all of this stuff but the Elizabeth story is the worst to watch imo. Finn is clearly an asshole who thinks he knows better than her and is trying to control her at every turn. It’s clear though he is meant to be a hero when all of this plot and characterization would make A LOT MORE SENSE if he was a villain. And she was losing her grip because of whatever the reason is but also because Finn is manipulating her.

  10. I disagree. Finn is a doctor and all he knows is to help everyone. He even tried talking sense into a drunk Spencer. Doctors perspective to problems and solutions is different. I think they’re actually portraying that aspect very well. He has never been very good with people I mean the 🦎lmao. He may get annoying but his heart is in the right place.

  11. It’s the irony and karma Curtis will have to deal with for leaving Jordan over “honesty” and Portia doing things 500x worse

  12. I refreshed hulu 52378325 times all night and kept wondering why it wasn’t showing

  13. I think she’s going to kidnap Wiley and guilt Nina into helping her or keeping quiet

  14. They’re already on racks. Most summer and fall pieces have flair / bell bottom look. We should’ve kept ours 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Willow is gonna faint in the park and Nelle is gonna kidnap Wiley and people are going to suspect Nina before they do Nelle

  16. Joss and Michael both. They’re both acting like entitled righteous brats.

  17. I think of her more like Sansa. Her father definitely gives littlefinger vibes. I hope she does right by Rae

  18. i think Liz covered in blood before will have something to do with a horse lol Esme will always be a possibility. The way they made Nikolas so angry at her before they definitely want us to think he’s a possibility. Then there’s Victor always wanting to save the day. Austin’s cousin seems too obvious.

  19. I didn’t think Turner picking Kyle over Joseph would come back to bite him this hard and this fast lol. Today has been wild to say the least.

  20. I was stuck at work. Can someone pls fill me in 🙏🏽 I’ve disliked Kyle for since ratting out the LO but it seems like he’s done worse and even Alyssa has turned on him??! I’m so lost 😭

  21. Why feel sorry. Remember the end of the season when he’s the one that wanted to stop having an open marriage and only be with her. She left home to go fuck rob. She ruined their chance at a happy family not him.

  22. BUT … wasn’t Emmett the one that wanted to stop having an open marriage and only be with Tiff? She’s lost her mind and about to end up on the street.

  23. I’m happy for Emmett and even happier at the moment between him and his dad ❤️

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