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  1. Never played BoS or F76, but I tried and failed to get invested in Fallout Tactics numerous times, just comes off as a Fallout skin for X-Com or Abomination

  2. So the Adam devs have said that it’s a problem with a certain batch of the rg280 that doesn’t allow to show on screen. Trying to get stock firmware to work but now it won’t do anything with my ext card (tried multiple).

  3. Have you tried opening the back and disconnecting the battery, mine was having some battery issues on the stock firmware and not charging. I disconnected and reconnected the battery and it started charging correctly again. Also bought my RG280V on Amazon, never had a problem like this with the handhelds I bought on AliExpress…ironically

  4. What other options are there? Thought I was backing up stock image but just transferred files so I’ll need something to download sadly

  5. I think the Anbernic website has the files needed to recreate the stock firmware sd

  6. They Live, all the main characters die, Cloverfield, The Grey, Tales From the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood, And Then There Were None, and Open Water, to name a few

  7. Been thinking of getting it but need to import it to get it. Can’t see that the game-play is much different from the base game + Helpers of Catan tho? Or is it the art you prefer? :)

  8. The art, the game tokens being small ships/stations, and the resources being dilithium, tritanium, etc.

  9. I remember this dude, he was the “Prop Comic Preacher” there was a video of him on Everything is Terrible back in the day:

  10. Step Up 3-D, had a group of 5-6 friends with me laughing at this multi-dimensional trainwreck, other people in the theater moved away from us, we were such assholes.

  11. Are you using the Adam image on the RG280V? I could never get that work consistently, the screen would just go black after the 3rd time playing a game.

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