High Gas Prices, Huh?

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  1. 99% of people globally can't afford what you have.

  2. Ok, how is that relevant to this post? I replied to someone talking about charging stations potentially being bought up by oil companies. The group of people using charging stations right now is relatively low and biased towards the wealthy.

  3. I'm still not seeing your point. The topic was the future. I was showing how the usage of renewables now can lead to a different future state than one just monopolized by large companies. I wasn't trying to make the claim that everyone can benefit yet.

  4. I will defer to someone more schooled in economics to say if this idea is functionally useful/good, but man what an easy sell that would to the public at large. "American gas should power America" practically writes itself as a message.

  5. We have billboards on the highways in Texas that day something like: Biden, buy oil from Texas not terrorists.

  6. It's spray tan. When you walk into the booth, you have to put little protectors over your eyes and your genitals. Everything else gets sprayed.

  7. I would assume that getting that nasty spray town stuff in your eyes would hurt.

  8. So does this bigot care about the "cowboy" as a symbol or an actual historical phenomena? I'm sure there were real gay cowboys.

  9. It’s crazy that the people who claim to be experts are fuckin idiots.

  10. What's crazier is OP posting this crap as if it was serious research.

  11. SS : Although Zharkova claimed 97 percent accuracy for the model that corresponds to previous mini ice ages, she did warn that her model could not be used as proof of a future mini ice age, partly because of global warming. The new research paper on the findings was published this year in Astronomy & Geophysics.

  12. Why did you post this tripe? It is barely research at this point.

  13. And I feel annoyed my car is a V6 getting 24 on a good day. That MPG would really make me wanna violate the laws of physics to make it downhill both ways.

  14. You just need a massive cargo helicopter to fly it back up the hill when you reach the bottom.

  15. Wow, way to lean into the misogyny. Why is the woman a "skank"? He obviously had sex as well. He should be the "skank."

  16. I would be weary of that 50 GB data cap. I have Optimum and use probably closer to 500 GB per month between working from home and streaming. I guess it would depend on what you need to do.

  17. I tried this with my penis but I only got sunburn

  18. That could get you on a registry. Be careful.

  19. Here I am, an idiot, being all like: “heh heh, that does kinda look like a computer mouse … that’s pretty neat”.

  20. Oh you sweet summer child. I wish I had your innocence. :)

  21. 4 years experience or a Bachelors degree for $12 an hour? That’s disgusting

  22. I earned $10 an hour 20 years ago doing work study during college. Why go to college for that kind of pay?

  23. Will the restaurant pursue theft charges if a customer doesn't tip? If not, tips are not required to eat at a restaurant. The restaurant has the ability to pay a living wage to their employees. They are choosing not to do so.

  24. To add to the absurdity, the are advising for Venezualan refugees to come to Florida to work in the clean up.

  25. Hey maybe if they come to Florida, they can get a free ride to New England.

  26. The migrants weren't even in Florida. They had to be imported from Texas before shipping them North. The whole situation is absurd.

  27. Condemned or denied? Those are very different things.

  28. I am a software engineer for a hospital system here in Texas. We are required to take this kind of training. I don't understand why the nurse has a problem. Everyone has biases and recognizing them can lead to better patient care.

  29. Maybe a lot of people just show up out of morbid curiosity because they live nearby.

  30. It's well known that the Trump team paid rally goers in the past. We don't know about this particular case.

  31. Geez, it's almost quaint that anyone was worried about this little "bending of the rules" back when trump's reign of terror was just beginning. If only we could have known what horrors he had in store. But this is all totally on-brand.

  32. I think it's an important window into Trump's electoral rhetoric. Trump thinks he is more popular than he is in reality. Trump claimed in multiple occasions that he won the 2020 election because he had large rally crowds.

  33. She's teaching her fans about the Founding Fathers. I thought the GOP loved talking about the Founding Fathers.

  34. Shoulda hit them and gotta a siiiiick pay day.

  35. You ever tried to sue a governmental agency? I haven't personally, but I have heard it isn't an easy case to win.

  36. When you have video evidence of clear-cut fault there are plenty of law offices that will be happy to take it on contingency

  37. Contingency sounds like a good plan in this kind of situation.

  38. You forgot about Nissan which had the early lead with the Leaf and squandered their position.

  39. Nissan dropped a lot more balls than that. There's a reason they are the newest cars on buy here pay here lots for a song.

  40. I liked my Leaf, but I didn't get another one when I decided to get a new EV. The industry has passed them by. Maybe the Ariya will be better.

  41. I missed some things in public school apparently.

  42. It's very presumptuous of them to assume that my "faith" would be a reason to vote for Republicans. Faith is a personal issue and shouldn't be directly tied to politics.

  43. Ok, I wasn't arguing against that point.

  44. Right, you were just quibbling about a small detail and ignoring the overall point, got it

  45. I wasn't "quibbling." I was actually interested in knowing the sample size since the person commenting claimed to have that information.

  46. Me, the parents, the press. Everyone wants to make sense of it and making sense is often blaming

  47. How did they assume no responsibility? Highlighting the role of social media isn't saying the parents don't bear any responsibility.

  48. The article didn’t have a single site of the parents saying “we acted wrong” but tons of claims that “fb acted wrong”. That’s exactly but assuming responsibility

  49. The article was specifically about Instagram so it makes sense to have quotes about that topic.

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