1. There used to be a tv series that showed the shitty side of reality tv producers and how much they would mind fuck the people featured on the show. I wish I could remember the name of it. It was a really good show, I was sad to see it cancelled.

  2. It was called UnReal! I watched it too…totally messed up the things they would do get a storyline.

  3. I was just about to post about Jax’s Closet. The Instagram page now says proceeds going to the Kentucky floods. Before, it said they were going to a woman’s foundation. Hmmmm…are they really going to anywhere but Jax’s pocket?!

  4. I’m guessing it would look bad on MTV to fire the only person of colour they have on the show.

  5. Britney was one of the funniest houseguests, I loved her! One of my favorite bb moments of all time is her imitating Rachel with her red extensions in the HOH room😂

  6. Yes! That was the best. She was so funny. I miss when Big Brother was actually good!

  7. And looks like we are going to miss talking shit about it. Let’s hope they allow a thread dedicated to Jax’s Closet!

  8. This is the megathread for discussing what Jax does on social media. You’re welcome to shit talk here!

  9. Highly recommend Rusticos! Excellent food and lovely patio.

  10. Highly recommend any Tatcha product. Their face cream is so smooth.

  11. Jax never allows Brittany to hang out with him when he’s hanging out with Lori and Bachelor Nation ppl I’ve noticed. Pretty sus to me.

  12. It was fine from Saturday until mid-day today. I turned it on after dinner and it's stalling and choppy now. I'm on the west side of Kitchener.

  13. I literally signed up for AMC Plus free trial to watch BCS since my Rogers is laggy and choppy! I wasn’t taking any chances!

  14. Wonder if they filmed it so they couldn’t post anything……

  15. It’s not in the RTA. It’s part of PIPEDA (personal information protection and electronic document act). It was later upheld by the divisional court in 2016 (Juhasz v. Hymas) after the tenant was evicted for refusing entry so her landlord could take listing photos. The eviction had to be set aside as a result.

  16. Because you wouldn’t allow your current landlord to take pictures to sell THEIR property? The audacity and entitlement of some tenants is just disgusting.

  17. So this is what they “quit” VPR for?!? Lol lol lol to sell these stupid products. How many people are even using her link to buy this crap?

  18. Anyone else think it’s possible that this isn’t real drama? An attempt to try and get back on tv maybe!? #stonedthoughts

  19. When is Lala not “slamming” someone in these articles. Does she ever have anything positive to say?

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