1. I bought two off Etsy, the store name is Burn Bands by Britt and they are wonderful. They are not as stretchy as the Velcro that comes with the Beat, but they stay in place nicely! Lots of cute patterns

  2. We got 45 seconds between blocks in the 3G!

  3. It was a lot, I also did the floor last, by the time I got to those jump squats, I was done lol. I did squat to calf raises instead.

  4. Lol, when I fell, I could not get up and the coach was at the other end of the studio. Took me a minute but I don’t think anyone noticed 😉

  5. Same! I was flailing around with my butt on the ground and my feet strapped in lol. Coach had to run to unstrap my feet.

  6. I've been doing OTF for a little over 6 weeks. I started at 2 classes per week and worked my way up as my body got accustomed to working out. I'm now going 4x/week and it's awesome. I'm a pretty chunky human, but also super uncoordinated. I once broke my leg doing jumping jacks. (Not at OTF.)

  7. Say no to jump lunges. I love this.. it would make for a great t shirt

  8. YES! My legs are particularly sore today and running all outs on inclines didn’t help! Happy for a rest day tomorrow.

  9. This templet is the bane of my existence. I should not be left to my own devices when it comes to holding something as long as you can, or timing my own walking recovery! Thanks for the intel as always!

  10. English muffin with peanut butter and a bit of jam after my 5 am class!

  11. I am surprised how much they nickel and dime for everything. The price should include the transformation challenge. The marathon thing. I can’t believe a gym that charges over $100 a month still want to charge members another 20 to 40 bucks for these things.

  12. The nickel and dimeing really gets me! $10 if you forget your HRM, extra money for all the challenges. Also, the hounding to sign up! I had a coach text me about joining the 12 days of fitness, and message me on FB about the transformation challenge. This membership is not cheap, and I’m showing up to workout 5x a week anyways, leave me alone lol.

  13. I’ve been paying $232 a month for my studio for the past 3 years. Only twice have I asked for a water bottle because I forgot mine at home - after both those times, I got a $1 receipt email. It’s $1 so whatever, but it’s just annoying!

  14. It honestly is. I don’t think it would be so bad if they threw you a bone here or there, like in your situation!

  15. What happens when an odd number of people are in class? Lol

  16. Our coach made one group a thrupple. Two people Running at base while one was the pacer.

  17. Paula straight up started making donuts at Frankies. They are nearly the same. Everyone raves about Paulas, but Frankies is the real OG old Buffalo/WNY donut shop. Stepping into there is like stepping back into the 1960's too.

  18. Get one of those mask brackets, it makes a world of difference! I also recently bought an under armor mask. I find that even without the mask bracket, you don’t suck in the fabric, which is nice, but I did find it a little hot compared to the paper mask and bracket.

  19. Orange theory fitness! It’s a little more reasonably priced than a trainer as you work out with a group. I’ve been going for 8 months and I love it!

  20. I pop off the monitor and throw the strap in the washer and dryer once a week! I disinfect the monitor with a Clorox wipe after every class.

  21. As a BCBS employee, we were WONDERFUL before Highmark took over. It’s kind of a mess here right now. Go with Independent Health if you can.

  22. NOOOOOOOO OOOO I really liked BCBS. I’ve had them for almost 15 years through my employer. I have had nothing but great things to say about that company. I’ve had to deal with Highmark now a couple times and just got a different vibe. I commented to my wife that it’ll probably all go to hell now. What a bummer

  23. I know. It was the best job I’ve ever had. Highmark has a chaotic vibe to everything they do. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

  24. 8 is one of my favorite things she has ever worn on the show!

  25. You took the first step! Good for you! I was/(am?) an overweight women and I was super nervous when I started. The best advice I can give is don’t push yourself too hard at first. You will be overwhelmed, there are a lot of parts to class. Arrive early, the coach will go over everything with you before hand.

  26. Congratulations!! That’s a big accomplishment! It’s a thing to be proud of for sure, the first time I jogged an entire tread block, I cried lol.

  27. Not sure if I am right or wrong, but when I got to 100, I stopped and it coasted to 110, so next round I went to 310 and so on

  28. Yes, that is exactly how we did it at my studio. My coach encouraged a hard last pull before we went to the treads to rack the distance!

  29. My dietician told me about an app called Fooducate. You type in, or scan a food and it gives you other healthier options. I’ve only been using it for a few days, but it’s pretty helpful!

  30. I find visiting OTF studios while traveling gives me some sense of normalcy. I have been to 3 studios in different cities, and everyone was super nice! As others have mentioned, arrive early to fill out paperwork, and bring a credit card. All the studios I have visited have been premium studios, mine is not so I have been charged $10. Enjoy!

  31. 3249. I added 218 meters onto my previous PR!

  32. The vegetable lasagna at the Black Sheep. And the sticky toffee pudding!

  33. I did not enjoy this floor block but that’s ok!!!! Never miss a Monday!

  34. Same! The temples makers honestly choose violence today lol.

  35. Tl;Dr question: do you eventually get used to working out in a mask?

  36. I’ve used the mask bracket, that made a world of difference. It was very uncomfortable running on the tread and sucking in the mask. I bought one of the Under Armor masks yesterday, I’ve heard from a few people at my studio that those are great without the mask bracket!

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