1. Tell us you are a reactionary anti-trans person without telling us.

  2. If you type 'summoners war full guide' into youtube, it pulls up a 23 hour guide for you. At least that's the top result on my page.

  3. Any song by someone whose music name starts with Lil'.

  4. Migrant attacks guy with gun. Not an unexpected outcome.

  5. No. I have enough bills already that I don't care about.

  6. While copper does benefit from atk with his s3, its much better to give him some tankyness to survive in 3v2 or 3v1 scenarios that you could lose (like a perna procing 5 times and killing your whole team) or even just giving him some flat def

  7. Good point! I haven't used him in a while since the defense meta has shifted around, so my knowledge is a bit rusty. Thanks for the clarification.

  8. Are you either parents parent? If not, I'd say just send them some well wishes and maybe some clothes and toys unless they specifically ask. This is what we preferred compared to those that tried to invite themselves to meet the baby.

  9. Sleep on it(not literally), and you'll be good to go.

  10. I'm a janitor, so I'll be elbow deep in a toilet most likely.

  11. Good thing they'll likely have more ideas for a sequel in the near future.

  12. Right is green because same number of letters. Same way you can use to remember which way port(left) and starboard(right) is.

  13. Same. I wouldn't dock the tail either, but I assumed, from experience, that likely wasn't your doing unless you were the breeder.

  14. I mean... cool story? Your team isn't great and it looks like you're getting at least a little rune gapped. Sure they procced a bit but if your team can't survive that then the problem is your team.

  15. I agree. It looks like the oracles would have almost lapped OP even without the bastet.

  16. You sound just as crazy as the republican domestic terrorists you seem to think are running rampant.

  17. Honest question, because I don't know. Are they just reading basic children's books? Though I don't agree with a lot of today's social politics, even I have a hard time finding any issues with this.

  18. No to both, luckily. It was only a corolla, if that's any saving grace.

  19. I wouldn’t say Trump’s presidency was as chaotic as the Civil War.

  20. You'll never convince these people that still blame trump for everything, better to just laugh at them and move on.

  21. Fittingly, it's "Amnesia" and it features the great call-and-response chorus "Do you suffer from long-term memory loss?" "I can't remember"

  22. Oh wow, how fitting to my situation lol! As soon as you said it, the whole song came flooding back into my mind, Thank you!!

  23. The song after tubthumping on chumbawumbas album. I don't even remember the name, but remember liking that song more than their actual single.

  24. I hope the janitor uses a dirty toilet brush on your seats.

  25. If you're running a bruiser AO, I would definately try to have at least 1 monster on destroy in every team.

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