1. Still haven't had the balls to try a Twinkie Weiner sandwich.

  2. It looks great. What scale is it?

  3. Celebrating graduation vs realizing how many student loans you have to pay back now that you're done.

  4. It looks great from the photo. I think the wings membrains look really good which is often tough to do.

  5. Mind sharing how you created the marble effect? Looking really good!

  6. I painted it a blue gray then painted a few squiggly lines of darker and lighter colors in seams across the surface. I then diluted the blue/gray and used it as a wash over top to defuse the lines a bit. Gloss varnish then nuln oil to color the indents. Dull coat to seal.

  7. I see - is the dull coat a Matt varnish? Thanks allot for your detailed response :)

  8. Yeah, Testers' brand Dullcoat works the best from what I've found and is a Matt varnish.

  9. No, that's mostly animals being born with human faces.

  10. Most of mine a bought new but I picked up a few random ones from thrift stores or garage sales.

  11. You may want to find a real appraiser for it. Does it show a date on the bottom? What image is displayed inside?

  12. Apathetic numbness. If the outcome is going to be the same regardless then why not choose to do nothing.

  13. You don't get rich from working hard, you get rich from getting other people to work hard for you.

  14. As a solo indie game developer who taught himself how to do every aspect himself from art to music to coding and am doing very very well for myself, this thought process is so stupid. Idk how this this comment shows up everywhere it just screams of jealousy

  15. Hard work can open opportunities but there is a limit to what a person can do in 24 hours. I'm sure the next game you make won't be just you. Now that you had some success (thanks to your works ethic, yes) You'll outsource something of the process that someone can do better or cheaper. You will then be spend the freed up time doing things you feel are more worth your time.

  16. Look for anything on the bases and google it, but you could get some luck google searching

  17. Odd to think that the eye that was improved by looking through a dead person's lens isn't the one called the witch eye.

  18. Not exactly a rule, but the fact that you can easily acknowledge your favorite grocery store employee since 2015 is because of me.

  19. We talking giant cinnamon roll, cake flavor with cinnamon roll icing, two cinnamon rolls stacked on each other? We need cake details please.

  20. I'm a casual gamer so the difficulty seemed fine and I loved collecting and exploring. Running through the woods and coming across the giant stone golem that brought leget concern made me fall for the game. (0 spoilers before I played)

  21. I can't speak for all men but when I say nothing I do mean nothing. If I need it I will get it, if not i won't and a lot of stuff is just clutter.

  22. I have yet to see someone answer this. I mean people for sure supply ideas, but they're all things that apply to most other nations that have public bathrooms with regular doors.

  23. Big gap in the door stalls are less expensive and easier to install then better structures. All building contractors have to do tile a big empty room then buy a few panels and connectors that fit the space. They then have large tolerances when putting up the walls since they work with 0-1/2" gaps.

  24. Are building contractors everywhere else in the world more particular about building restrooms? Sounds like a way to not-really-but-kinda cut corners; you'd think other places would do it, too.

  25. Many places in the uk and Europe have old structures and can't do the big tiled room with dividers. The people there are also used to the idea of better bathroom stalls too. The USA has a lot of Wal-Marts and big stores that take up a massive Floorplan and have room for terrible bathrooms.

  26. The simplest way I can think of is to allow the victor from the previous game to add or remove build points from a team in the next game. So a win in space means more of your troops or less of theirs in the ground battle. If a campaign you could earn 3 points per win then if you win a few in a row you get and 1 extra point and the losing team gets a handicap for the next battle.

  27. I will pitch in $50 towards the movers before I'm trying to get a couch up a flight of stairs.

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